Early Ageing: 4 Important Reasons You Shouldn’t Bleach Your Skin

Early Ageing: 4 Important Reasons You Shouldn’t Bleach Your Skin

Bleaching the skin is often considered as the trend of the town nowadays as there is a general beleief that it tends to make you look attractive.

In order to get lighter, most people go for bleaching creams, pills and other lightening products.

As much as bleaching the skin can benefit your overall facial appearance, it can also damage the skin at the long run.

Below are some of the consequences of skin bleaching:

1. Premature Ageing

Bleaching the skin will be like a dream come true especially when you get the desired result but as you continue to grow older with longer use of the skin bleaching products, your face tends to react negatively to the cream with time and before you realize, you are already looking more than your age.

So here, the simple fact is that prolonged use of bleaching creams can damage your skin.

2. Skin cancer

This one is very important. This is how bleaching products work; it blocks the production of melanin in the body and thereby further exposing the skin to the harmful effects of the ulta violet radiation. This leaves the skin at a higher rate of Skin cancer.

3. Uneven Skin tone

When using all these bleaching creams, the rate at which one works depends on its application.

If its been done the wrong way it can result in some parts of the body being darker than the other.

I bet you don’t want to look like half baked cake. Lolz

4. Dryness

The present of hydroquinone in creams usually have some effects on the body including, rashes, dryness, skin burn and so on.

If you must use a bleaching product, it is very necessary to do so at the prescription of a professional dermatologist.

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