7 Reasons Why Ladies Double Date In A Relationship

7 Reasons Why Ladies Double Date In A Relationship

Nowadays, it is very common with ladies to be involved in more than one relationship or to be dating different guys at the same time even when their initial relationship tend to be more serious.

While we might be quick to judge ladies of this character, we should be more interested on why ladies tend to behave in this manner. Listed below are the major reasons why ladies tend to double date in a relationship:

1. For Money

Some ladies double date for the sake of money. Most ladies tend to find one way or the other to cater for their own needs and wants when they see that their boyfriends is not financially okay or bouyant and this in turn make them to follow other men that are capable of providing for their needs.

While everything is not all about money, there are still some other things a lady needs to have to take care of herself like for example, you all know Sanitary pad is not free and you know how things can be very expensive these days.

There are some other minor things a lady needs that we might not have mentioned but one thing that is certain is that human wants are insatiable.

2. Some ladies double date as a result of bad influence

Bad influence is one of the major thing that should be considered when we want to know why ladies double date in a relationship. Some ladies don’t have a say of their own. they tend to mingle with bad friends and thus influenced with bad attitude.

Most ladies always want to feel among, they want to do what their other friends are doing like for example, they want to have the latest jewelries, latest bags, shoes and clothes, just for the main purpose of looking good like their other friends.

Even when some ladies don’t have the intention to double date, they tend to be influenced by friends as they always want to measure up.

3. Lack of Determination

Determination should be measured by how a lady is able to withstand and handle issues that are not favourable to her.

The worst thing to do is to act immediately to what other people say about your partner as this can hinder a healthy relationship.

Most ladies tend to double date as a result of what they hear about their partner like for example, if a lady is been given information about her partner dating someone else, she will immediately start double dating all in the name of revenge without even investigating properly and finding out the truth about the whole matter.

Cutting off the head is not the solution to headache, ladies should be determined to deal with issues as they come and not always listen to side talks.

4. Lack of patience

Patience is a key to a long lasting relationship. Less of being patient with your partner can cause more harm than good.

Most ladies double date as a result of lack of patience with their partner. In fact most ladies out there are still single because of lack of patience as they find it difficult to cope with many sitauations.

While patience can come as a form of test in different areas of a relationship, one needs to be ready to face them all.

There is absolutely nothing that is new on th earth and you are not the first person to be faced with bad situation. All you have to do is to be patient while you pray for things to come back to normal.

5. Lack of Tolerance

You will agree with me that no matter how perfect you seem to be, you must have one negative side that others might not be aware of but with adequate time, your partner will come to know that other bad side or attitude of yours.

While this is major concern for ladies as they tend to realise the other side of their partners like for example, snoring while sleeping, always looking unkept, not knowing how to eat properly and so on. Some ladies tend to double date as a result of all these aforementioned negative sides as they are unable to tolerate their partners.

Instead of double dating because of all this minor issue, why not correct your partner and give him time to change.

6. Lack of Adequate Attention

This is a very serious issue of which most guys tend to ignore in a relationship.

Most ladies tend to double date as a result of not getting adequate attention from their partners which often results to loneliness.

Ladies double date without even trying to figure out what the problem is with their partner of which might even be as a result of busy schedule on the part of their partners.

Most ladies won’t even bother to view the situation from another perspective by discussing itwith their partners, instead they prefer to seek advice from their friends who will give them bad ideas.

7. In Terms of Intimacy

Intimacy between two partners is one issue that can not be overlooked.

Most ladies also tend to double date as a result of their partner not being able to satisfy them on bed.

This is an issue both partners need to discuss together if at all they want to exhibit some level of maturity in the relationship.

This is not enough reason for a lady to double date, every matured lady will sit her partner down and talk about it. She might even probably help him to find a way to improve on bed and in turn satisfy her.

However, some ladies do not even find any reason to double date, they just double date for the sake of having fun or taking it as part of their own lifestyle.

Some ladies do believe that double dating is often a sign of being called a big girl. So they do it just for the sake of their friends to respect them for a bad behaviour.

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