3 Major Signs To Know The Man You Are Dating Isn’t Trustworthy

3 Major Signs To Know The Man You Are Dating Isn’t Trustworthy

Trust should be the major concern in any relationship. If you can’t trust the man you want to get married to then that relationship will definitely not work out between both of you.

Most ladies think they experience trust in their relationship but you can’t just tell me you trust a man when all you do is checking his phone and scrolling between his text messages.

The question is how do you know if a guy is trustworthy? Time and experience are really the best indicators. Often times we get to see the signs every day about whether or not we can trust someone but unfortunately we get to ignore those signs that tells us the guy in our lives can’t be trusted at all.

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However, some ladies tend to even give it time when they see these signs with the hope of getting the best out of the guy or even for the sake of not jumping into conclusion about the guy. Some even say they don’t want to judge by his bad characters that there is still some good in the guy.

Whichever is your decision for sticking around a guy even when you see the signs, just remmeber that there is a big difference between being cautiously optimistic and letting some dude play you for a fool.

Below are the 3 signs to know your man is not trustworthy:

1. He’s Cheated

I know cheating does not automatically reveal that a guy is not meant for you or has a bad character, because people can often make mistakes. But Cheating tells us a lot about someone’s character and whether or not you can trust him.

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It’s definitely up to you if you can accept his reasons for cheating and if you believe his story about how it all happened along the line. But when you are in the dating stages and a man cheats, think along whether or not you have a future with the man and if the man is worthy of your love.

If he doesn’t respect you enough to stay faithful now, you have to wonder if he will be able to do so in years to come.

2. He Lies About Little Things

A guy that lies about foolish details won’t hesitate to lie to you about the things that truly matter. That’s just a fact. So before you go around making excuses for his liitle lies, first ask yourself if you are okay with the big ones because that is sure to follow.

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3. You Can’t Depend On Him

Reliability and honesty always go hand in hand. If a man always tell you he wants to do something and always failed to do it, that tells you that you can not definitely rely or depend on the guy.

Do you want to spend the rest of your life worrying about a man who always fail to do what he says? Do you want to continue to wonder how much you can truly depend on him? I know you don’t. A trustworthy man is always a dependable man. He mean what he says and he says what he means.

Ladies, if this signs are continuously showing up in your relationship, don’t just ignore them. The signs are ther for a reason. If the man you are dating shows you that he isn’t trustworthy, don’t be afraid to walk away. Don’t just continue to invest your time justifying his behaviours.

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