Egbin Orun (Morenikeji Adeleke) Biography: Age, Husband, Cause of Death, Family

Egbin Orun (Morenikeji Adeleke) Biography: Age, Husband, Cause of Death, Family – The gospel music community is mourning the loss of one of its own as news emerged of the sudden death of Morenikeji Adeleke, popularly known as Egbin Orun.


Name: Morenikeji Adeleke
Date of Birth: N/A
Husband: Mr Adeleke
State of Origin: Lagos State
Occupation: Gospel singer
Net Worth: $

Egbin Orun Early Life

Morenikeji Adeleke, popularly known as Egbin Orun, was a renowned gospel singer in Nigeria. Her stage name, ‘Egbin Orun’, translates to ‘Beauty of Heaven’, reflecting her belief in spiritual beauty. Morenikeji was not just a gospel singer but also a medical practitioner and a cleric, describing herself as a prophetess.

Egbin Orun Career

Morenikeji’s music was deeply rooted in her faith. Her songs were not merely for entertainment but served as a medium to preach the word of God and His salvation. She believed in the power of music to make the world a beautiful place, with everyone having God in their hearts.

Morenikeji was known for her kindness and support towards her colleagues in the gospel music industry. She was described as a “beautiful and kind-hearted woman” and a strong supporter of other ministries. Her colleague, Esther Igbekele, expressed deep sadness over her demise, recalling their recent conversation and praising Morenikeji’s support for her ministry.

Egbin Orun Cause of Death

Morenikeji Adeleke passed away suddenly, leaving the gospel music industry in shock. Her death was confirmed by her colleague, Esther Igbekele, in an Instagram post. The cause of her death remains undisclosed as there has been no official statement from the family of the deceased or the Gospel Musicians Association of Nigeria.

Morenikeji ‘Egbin Orun’ Adeleke will be remembered for her contribution to gospel music and her unwavering faith. Her music, her kindness, and her support for her colleagues will continue to linger in the hearts of many. As Esther Igbekele said, “You will be greatly missed and your good deeds will continue to linger in our hearts”.

Egbin Orun Personal Life

Morenikeji ‘Egbin Orun’ Adeleke was married and blessed with Children.


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