How to Keep A Girl Away From Your Man

How to Keep a Girl Away From Your Man

Jealousy can make us do crazy things, but if you’re worried about another girl doing harm to your relationship, it’s best to let go of your anger and let this be an opportunity to strengthen your relationships and your communication skills.

Otherwise your jealous reactions could backfire, and this girl could cause the drama necessary to compromise your connection to your man and make you look bad in the process.

Talk to him.

That’s right — the best thing you can do if you think a girl is trying to steal your man’s attention is to first discuss it with him and determine what kind of relationship you want to have. This is between you and him, and the less you involve yourself with her, the less negativity she can bring into your life.

Talk to her

If she’s a friend. It’s completely appropriate to express your concerns to a friend if you’re worried about her relationship or behavior toward your partner. Let her know how her behavior may be hurting you, but do it in a way that isn’t confrontational. Make the conversation more about how you feel and less about attacking her. After all, you want her to be on your side.

Strengthen your relationship.

This doesn’t mean it’s a competition between you and her. On the contrary, by focusing on how to make things good in your relationship, you spend less time worrying about other girls and more time enjoying your time with your man. She’ll have less power over you and — hopefully — over him.

Be confident.

Don’t blame yourself if things don’t work out — it’s not your job to keep him faithful to you. And don’t ever let another girl make you feel insecure. Remember you’re beautiful, strong and capable of having love regardless of what other people are doing.

Let go.

As hard as this may be, after you’ve done all of the above, you can only trust that your guy is good enough for you and that he’ll resist her temptations. But if he’s not, it may be time for you to find someone who is.

Warnings: Don’t use violence or any other means that could land you in jail or in serious trouble. Don’t let her ruin your life that way.

Don’t spread rumors about your guy to get other girls to avoid him. This only makes you into the villain and compromises the relationship you want to save.

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