How to nurture your “kinda” love into a passionate love

Showing our love towards those who deserve it is an art. Love is a bright but delicate flame that must be nurtured into a passionate fire. When you feel like you are ready to show your love for someone, you must do so with care and more than a little bit of bravery.

Showing Love through Your Words

  • Give them compliments.
  • Encourage them to be happy.
  • Ask for their advice.
  • Thank them for even the little things.
  • Let them vent – in fact, ask them to.
  • Tell your secrets.

Showing Love through Your Actions and Behavior

  • Give them your undivided attention.
  • Touch them:It breaks down physical barriers, giving the cue that you acknowledge their presence, care about them, and feel close. And it’ll feel good.
  • Do something complicated for them that takes effort

Part 3 of 3: Making Unmistakable Gestures of Love

  • Do small gifts more often instead of large gifts rarely.
  • Plan something to do together.
  • Make them their favorite meal as a surprise.
  • Introduce them to everyone you know – and proudly.
  • Make room for them in your life.
  • Remember that some people recognize or show love in different ways.



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