For Singles: 7 Friends Every Girl In Her 20s Needs To Have

For Singles: 7 friends every girl in her 20s needs to have

Friends make the world go round, they share our special moments with us and make the world a better place.

The key to every great friendship however lies in the discerning ability to understand its limits and expectations.

For instance, we all have that friend who’s perfect to hang with on a night out in town, and the one who’s better suited for a conversation on the Nigerian economy.

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The roaring 20s are the time
when friends really play a significant role in our lives as this is the point when we chart out path in life, and the people we share it with really make all the difference.

That said, here are 7 friends every girl in her 20s needs to have.

1. The party rocker

We all need that fun friend who can turn up with us on a Friday night and every other Saturday at the hottest wedding in town.

2. The career mentor

Usually an older person, the career mentor is the one who sets you on track in terms of a career path. They’ll provide the right connections and help
you land that dream job.

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3. The serious-minded gal

Sometimes we feel an overwhelming need to discuss or understand why world peace
has been so elusive, the economic effect of the brand new African
passport on the continent and the naira’s refusal to appreciate despite Central Bank of Nigeria’s (CBN) best efforts. This is the person you turn to for these conversations.

4. The girl-about-town

For when you need to go on a spa date, check out the latest hot spot in town or do some major shopping. She’s also the one who supplies you with all the latest gist in town. An essential in today’s world.

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5. The ride or die

You’ve been friends for longer than you can remember, and she knows where all the bodies are buried, probably buried them with you. She’s the true definition of a friend and you’ve been through it all together. Every gal needs a ride or die to confide in and keep them grounded.

6. The spiri-koko

This is the person who’ll invite you to religious programs; some of which you’ll probably turn down, but she’ll never tire because she considers it her responsibility to win your soul for the Almighty.

7. The trusty male friend

Because every girl needs that guy she can run to for advice when the boys start to drive her a little crazy with their mysterious ways. He’ll counsel you, console you, tell you the difference between a direct and indirect free kick, and on occasion, he’ll be your driver. When life gets a little too overwhelming, he’ll take you on a fun night out.

All-round good guy, till his girlfriend comes between this cosy arrangement, or you borrow sense and marry him yourself.

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