What Does It Means When You Tell A Guy You Miss Him And He Doesn’t Say it Back

Sometimes words can build things up, or ruin everything at once. It all depends on how you say it out, who listen to it, and how’s the situation at that current times. When you know you feel such a strong longing for a guy, you might want to say it out loud, but then feeling insecure when he doesn’t say it back.

You’re take up courage when you tell a guy you miss him and he doesn’t say it back. It might be the worst thing, but you shouldn’t worry much for there are few probabilities.

Why Should You Say It?

When you feel a strong desire deep within, or in another words, missing someone, then you might be wondering whether you should say it or not. First thing first, there are few reasons why it’s necessary :

#1. Communications = Talking

We’re not a mind reader, aren’t we? We, human, need communication to know each other’s wants, needs, and feelings. If you never say it, how would you expect him to understand?

Especially for a guy, who are known for their insensibility. There are times when ways on how do you tell someone you miss them without saying it just couldn’t work, and that’s when you should start find out how to tell a guy you miss him in a cute ways.

#2. Let him know you cherish him

Sometimes it’s just not enough for some people to know that the one they love really love them. They might need to know to be assure that their lover wants them and need them. If your guy is such person, you might reconsider telling him how much you miss him once in a while.

#3. If it’s something positive, why not?

When you say something like, “I miss you ”, it could encourage the other person. It’s something that can be a real mood-booster for other. If you could say something true that’s also positive, then why not?

What if He Doesn’t Say It Back?

When you tell a guy you miss him and he doesn’t say it back, it could be so frustrating and confusing, right? You just can’t get to understand what he’s thinking about. It might also embarrass you at times. So, what does it actually mean when he doesn’t say, “I miss you ” back?

  • He simply doesn’t feel the same

This is the worst possibilities, though. But, most of the time, it’s true. If he doesn’t say it back, then perhaps he just doesn’t feel that way.

  • He’s not sure

A guy can be so unsure with his own feelings that he doesn’t dare to say anything instead. He might be unsure with his own feeling, whether he also misses you or not, so he’d rather not saying anything than lying.

  • He’s not a cheesy guy

Is he a shy guy? It might be too hard for him to say something romantic or cheesy. Whether he’s just not used to it or he doesn’t really like to say his feeling out loud. If he shows, then of course it would be just okay for him to say nothing to you.

Rather than a guy who has such a sweet words, yet never really shows that he mean it, right? You just should know what to do when you tell a guy you miss him and he doesn’t respond and don’t worry about his heart if this is the case.

  • Nothing

Guys are unpredictable. When they say nothing, it doesn’t always mean that they have no feelings for you. Just because he doesn’t say he misses you doesn’t mean he doesn’t miss you. So, don’t be too upset if he never says such things to you. As long as he shows, it’s alright.

You might feel like the world’s come to an end when you tell a guy you miss him and he doesn’t say it back. It’s not supposed to be that suffocating though, if you know why. You can also consider asking him once in a while, if you’re still full of doubts about his heart. Communication is the key, never overdo anything, but saying once in a while wouldn’t be a big problem.

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