33 Things Guys Find Attractive In A Girl

Guys are attracted to certain inner and outer traits when they meet a pretty lady, and it’s always good to know what men find appealing. We came up with these 33 things that guys find attractive in a girl, but probably after reading this article you can also share your ideas and tips on this subject. Let’s begin.

What guys find attractive in a girl?

1) Humour

And who doesn’t like a good sense of humour?

2) Smile

Smile is always attractive, and people usually give it back when you give them one.

3) When a girl can give him a massage

Well, this one is useful when you are already in a relationship.

4) When she tells him compliments

Both men and women love compliments, so feel free to be generous with this one.

5) When she is feminine

Being feminine doesn’t necessarily men being weak, it’s just this kind, tender, feminine energy that men find so irresistible!

6) She is able to cheer him up when he is down

This quality is useful not only in relationship, but also in friendship.

7) When she is positive

Positive mental attitude attracts only positive things and positive people in your life, and who wants to spend time with negative people anyway, right?!

8) When she is smart and can impress him with her mind

Intellectual connection is deeper than simply physical attraction and guys are usually impressed when they meet a smart and intelligent girl.

9) When she takes care about herself

Well, this goes without saying; taking care of yourself means that you love and appreciate who you are, and it’s only when you have a healthy self love that you can be in a happy and healthy relationship.

10) She is opened for new things

Trying new foods, traveling to new places, discovering new knowledge…guys find a girl who is curious and loves to grow – very attractive.

11) If she is musical in any way, she can dance, sing, play piano or guitar

Well, this just means she loves good and positive vibes.

12) She is a good kisser and she is tender…

Because guys find this feminine energy simply irresistible.

13) She is supportive, always on his side

When a guy finds a girl who always supports and uplifts him, he will never let her go…

14) She is a great listener

This quality is one of the most beneficial, not only for a happy and healthy relationship, but also for healthy friendships and life in general.

15) When she remembered his name from the first time she heard it

This simply means that she is really present when she listens.

17) When she is able to understand his humour and to laugh at his jokes

Guys love for goof around and finding a girl that can laugh together with him is a real treasure.

18) When her perfume is not very strong

Well, strong perfume is a sin of many ladies, because we often thing that the more, the better, but guys mostly agree that less is more for this matter.

19) When she sleeps naked

Well, yes, this can add some spice to any even already happy marriage.

20) She wears beautiful lingerie

This goes together with the previous one.

21) She is kind

Kind and feminine heart always attracts people, especially men.

22) When he can trust her, she is honest

Honesty is a very good foundation of any happy relationship.

23) When she has big dreams and can think out of the box

This is a rare quality, and if you have it, you are in the top!

24) When she is able to laugh at herself


25) She makes effort to cook for him, even if she is not so good at it

This simply shows that she has a generous and caring heart.

26) When she is forgiving

This quality can be very helpful, especially during discussions and conflicts.

27) When she loves kids

This is another good and feminine quality.

28) When she randomly touches him, his arm, his back or hugs him

Touch is very important in a relationship, as this is one of the love languages.

29) She can be spontaneous, loves to have fun and play

Playful spirit is a real deal when it comes to happy love and good companionship.

30) She respects him, as well as all people

If a girl respects others, it only means that she is self confident and has also healthy self love and respect for herself.

31) When her hair is long.

Seriously, according to many researches, guys prefer girls long hair.

32) When she is able to enjoy the good food and not dieting all the time

Yes, guys love to share a good meal with a girl.

33) When she tells him that she loves him

Well, this one goes without saying, when a girl is able to express her love and care, guys find this very attractive.

We hope you found it useful. Do you have something to add to this list? Please, feel free to share your thoughts with me in the comment’s section.

Stay happy!

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