Men, Here Are The Reasons You Should Date A Woman Older Than You

A relationship between an older man and a younger woman is seen as ‘okay’ by society, however, when the reverse is the case, and an older woman is going for a younger man, the world seems to have a problem with it.

Of course, there are no issues associated with this type of dating arrangement; a majority of people who are against it only do so for ignorance. A relationship between an older woman and a younger man can be advantageous to both parties in many ways.

Here are some benefits

1. No pressure of settling down

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Most older women are never under the pressure of settling down. They don’t date for marriage, it’s more for companionship. And chances are they probably already divorced, so they’re in it mostly for companionship. This is unlike dating a younger woman whose most likely reason for dating is so she can be called a ‘wife’ soon.

2. They tend to be more mature

It’s been said that age isn’t maturity, but we must agree that sometimes, it comes with a lot of experience, which often translates to maturity. An older woman of say 40 or 45 has probably been in a few relationships (or even marriage), so there’s nothing she wouldn’t know how to handle no matter how new. This helps one have more peace in their relationship.

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3. They carry themselves better

Again, the age factor comes into play here. The older you are, the more respectfully you tend to carry yourself, and that attracts more respect from the public. Most societies of the world accord respect to people based on how they carry themselves. This, she knows by default, so she carries herself just the perfect way.

4. They are not about your wallet

Older women don’t date younger men for money. Rather than take yours, she’d give you some of hers if she suspects you’re in need. This is unlike a lot of younger women who see dating as an avenue for self-enrichment.

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5. Opportunities and connections

Most older women have a very great network of friends from all works of life, and they’d never hesitate to help their man better his status if need be. Once they’re in love, they go out of their way to help you achieve so much. It’s just sad that sometimes, evil men take advantage of this side to them. However, it is a beautiful trait in them, and part of what makes them unique.

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