FOR LADIES: See The 6 Undisputed Ways To Make Your Boyfriend Propose To You This 2018

Commitment is a different emotional process for men than it is for women.

As the saying goes, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. When it comes to men and proposals, It’s wise to be patient.

You shouldn’t be the woman that thinks its her responsibility to propose, however, you can subtly make the man in a committed relationship with you see the light and put a ring on that finger.

Ladies, follow this six sure tips religiously and be sure to be walking down the aisle in no time!

1. Take Him Out On A Date

Sometimes all a man needs is a little bit of encouragement. Take him out to a romantic and simple place; where it feels like it is just both of you in the entire universe. This might just activate that side of his brain that sees how insanely in love with you he is. It can also stand as the perfect opportunity for him to propose, if he may have been worried about how and when to pop the question.

2. Show Him How You Will Be A Great Wife

Men love being pampered, be there for him, be very sweet to him. Take care of him when he is sick, cook that special tasty meal for him. Basically make him need you in his life. Show him how you are the perfect lover, friend, sister, mother. These actions alone can go a long way.

3. Pull Back A Little Ladies, the biggest mistake you can make is offering your whole body and soul to a man who is yet to put a ring on it. Sometimes all he needs to take the necessary step is to see how miserable he is without you. As much as every man wants to marry someone who shows him the greatest affection, love and admiration they also need be reminded not to take that for granted. Just pull back a little. Make him feel your absence. This can nudge him the right direction and have him proposing in no time.

4. Make Him Dependent On You

Attend to his needs and look after his welfare. Make him realize he can’t do things without your help. It will further make him realize he’s a better man because of you. Regardless of how manly he is, he looks to you for stability and support. He’ll be at a loss if he lets you get away.

5. Talk About Your Future Plans

Talk about the future in terms of exciting trips abroad or things you would like to achieve together like financial achievements you aspire too instead of discussing wedding day and children. Tell him what your visions are to let him see that he is part of your long term plans. Talk about where you want to build your dream house. Although this may not make him propose to you on the spot, he will realize you’re seeing the future as a couple. Don’t be afraid to talk about a future that doesn’t see you two getting married, if its the opposite of what he wants it will spur him into proposing. Dont be forceful or give ultimatums. Remember, he wants to propose to you, the woman he fell in love with, not bridezilla.

6. Don’t Become Too Confortable

Don’t get into the serious relationship lifestyle and forget about your own life and friends. Be independent, have a life outside of the relationship. Have your own ambitions and goals so he realizes you can do without him. It’s an intelligent way to make him understand that you can live your own life without him.

Finally, always be yourself. No one like a copycat or a fake.

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