8 Things men do to hurt women

While we know that it takes two to tango and no one is perfect, some of the ones trending are

Deceiving girls.

Guys, you know that you don’t really like a girl enough to marry her, then why stay in her space? If you want to be friends with benefits, tell her. If you know you don’t like her, then leave her alone.

Some guys will allow their mothers to use her. it is one of the bad things guys do. She would cook, sweep and wash. Other guys will even let her wear aso ebi when a relative dies. Please, if you know you are not interested anymore, it is not a crime.

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The crime is you now deceiving her and using her so that no other person will be interested in her. Some guys would even let the girls abort for them many times before dumping the girl and making her useless.

Not Picking up bills

Guys, your girl will come to visit you at home and you won’t pay her transport fare, abeg park wella and pick the bills. You complain all the time about recession.

One of the bad things guys do is that during Christmas, they complain that was not the time Christ was born, so you won’t take her out. during Easter, you would say you don’t believe in it, on valentine day, you would complain that God is love, so you would take her to church. Please, pick the bills

Breaking up time

The first time you met her, you fell in love with her, but now that you know a lot about her, you feel she is not the one, why not look for a good setting to break up with her?

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Some would even go ahead to break up with her over the phone, when she is using her credit to call some would break up with her in public where her friends can see her.

Carrying out frustration on women

We all know it is not easy, sometimes, you may feel jealous when she talks to another guy. It is very simple, cool your temper and talk to her. Don’t beat her, don’t shout on her or embarrass her outside the house or in the front of her family and friends.

Some guys are just found of doing that. After doing something silly, they would start begging the girl, claiming it is the fault of the devil. Park well o

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Not a gentleman

Some men would let people talk to their girls anyhow without even trying to protect them. They would leave their girls sad and wont even try to do anything about it

Not defining the relationship

When you meet a girl that you want to have sex with, let her know. Don’t deceive her, then use and dump her. Let her know what you expect. If she is not your type, look for your type. Don’t make her fall in love with you and then dump her

Joking about her with friends

Many guys kiss and tell. After tasting the honey, they would prefer to tell their friends about how they championed her on the bed, that is just too bad. Don’t forget that you would also have daughters o

Not helping her

Many guys would watch their girls carry heavy loads and walk at their backs with their arms empty. That is so not right. What are your muscles for? Ladies are fragile, help them lift things!
if you are guilty of any of the above, then fix it. it is not too late.

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