5 Important Reasons Some Men Prefer Village Girls

5 important reasons some men prefer village girls

In Nigeria, it is no more a strange thing that some, or should I say, most men in the city prefer to get married to a lady from the village, the reasons for this is not far-fetched as they will be unveiled here.

Most men see ladies brought up in the village as good wife materials and this is because of the following reasons:

1· Respect: men want a woman they can easily control and this they seem not to find in city ladies because of the level of their exposure and education. They believe ladies from the village are not well exposed and will always give them that respect.

2· Submission: another important desire of men is the aspect of submission which is gradually fading away from city ladies who are now almost all feminists desiring to be equal to men.

3· Obedience: most men want a woman that will always be obedient to their every wish but this may not be found in a city lady because of the belief that they should always take decisions together.

4· Good food: it is not a new saying that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and truth be told, we may not be able to compare the kitchen skills of a village lady to that of a city lady. This is why some men will prefer a village lady that will always give them that local dish when they desire it.

5· Family life: due to the upbringing of ladies brought up in the village that is full of strong family values that is well passed to them, men believe they will make good mothers that will be able to train children the right way.

As the world keeps evolving every day; it is important to know that every lady has her own uniqueness and there are much more to marriage than the above-listed reasons. So, men try to get rid of the old mentality.

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