5 Dangerous Ways Not To Celebrate This Valentine

5 Dangerous Ways Not To Celebrate This Valentine

It is Valentine’s season again! It is a season of love, a season to share the happiness that is bottled up in the mind. It is a season where love finds expression. In this season, the birds find their mates, the sky becomes red for many people and happiness becomes a balloon in the open sky.

5 Ways Not To Celebrate This Valentine.

Yet, you must know the ways not to celebrate Valentine! It will help you to redefine your plans for this special season in the human calendar. Check out these five ways not to celebrate this Valentine and you will be glad that you did!

1. Don’t end up in a hotel room: Yes, I know you will say that you love your man or woman! And you want to show that you love him exceptionally. But, take a little time off that thought, don’t drive that car to the hotel close by and you know the end of the story…

2. Don’t go drinking all night: well, it is the celebration of love and you will want to hang out with friends and even your spouse. Yes, going out sounds good to the hear and it could be fun but before you go out drinking with friends, or perhaps spouse, you should know that you stand a chance of getting drunk and being rape afterwards. And sadly too, you could get in an accident when you drink and drive. Get understanding!

3. Don’t have sex: anyway, I just burst your bubbles. But that is the essence of this write-up. Yes, it is the season of love yet love doesn’t mean sex. When you have sex outside your marriage you are endangered to STDs. And in the middle of the valentine’s ecstasy, don’t be forced, or voluntarily, give out sex as a way of celebrating this season. There are other ways to show love this season apart from having sex with that your date.

4. Don’t run away from your family: perhaps you are already saying how will I run away from my family. But take a look at this, when you stay all out outside your matrimonial home in the name of Valentine, away from your children and your lovely wife, to stay with some friends, you should know that you have run away from your family this Valentine. Stay at home and celebrate with your family!

5. Turn off the T.V and the Cell Phone: in this valentine’s season endeavour to turn off the television set and your cell phone too. Your spouse desires your time and your words. Stop giving your time to the television set and the cell phone. I can even hear the voice of your spouse saying “baby, I need to hear your voice in my ears.” Give her or him your ears this season. your spouse wants an effective communication this season and even subsequently! Give your spouse that time and attention they deserve. Don’t give the television set or the people in the virtual space on your cell phone that attention again!

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