5 Places You Should Not Visit To Celebrate This Valentine

5 Places You Should Not Visit To Celebrate This Valentine

It’s Valentine’s day and as many people will be looking for the best ways to give their loved ones a good treat, it is important to know that there are some places you will not enjoy the day.

5 Places You Should Not Visit To Celebrate This Valentine

The following locations may seem good but are not suitable for Valentine’s day celebration:

Roadside Food Vendor : on a normal day you can always go to a roadside food vendor to eat but on this valentine day, it is important that you take your loved one to a decent restaurant instead to enjoy the day together.

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Joint : A joint as it is popularly known is for drunks and will always be noisy and rowdy. If you want to enjoy this
Valentine in a decent environment, avoid going to a joint.

Bedroom : for singles who are yet to say the marital vows, the bedroom is a ‘no go’ area for you and your fiancé/fiancée as the result may become devastating afterward.

Clubhouse : the environment at a clubhouse is always noisy and most times very rough as it is always flooded with different kinds of people with different backgrounds. So, it is advisable that you should avoid such places to celebrate Val as it may end up very dangerous.

Dark and Lonely locations: Despite the fact that you are trying to enjoy valentine’s day with your loved one, stay away from places that are dark and lonely especially if you are not
married so that you can avoid doing things you are not supposed to do. You can be at places where few people are and will be safe for you both.

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