7 Reasons Not To Celebrate Valentine’s Day

7 Reasons Not To Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Over the years, celebrating Valentine’s day has been something a lot of people idolized. Many people see Valentine’s day as a must to be celebrated.

Some Couples even fight if they don’t get a special gift, outing or a dinner date from their spouse .

1. It is a day for just romantic love: what you must celebrate daily as couples should be genuine love mixed with romantic love but valentine’s day only present you with the opportunity to celebrate romantic love which soon dies off with the euphoria of the moment.

2. February 14 is not the only day to show love: 14th February is an ordinary day just like other days, only that it has been tagged the day of celebrating love but the question is must there be a special day to celebrate love. Real love has to be celebrated daily without any special date, by so doing your love stays fresh and evergreen.

3. There is nothing special in Valentine’s day: there is really nothing so special about valentine’s day, it is just a day to hang out with loved ones, go to the cinemas and probably eat out which can be done on any day you so please to do it for your family .

4. You can create your own time: it was something that led to the yearly celebration of Valentine’s day, why not create your own special day. Come up with something that will give you what you want and work towards it.

5. There is nothing romantic being with a crowd: remember two is a company but having that crowd in any place you choose for valentine celebration would threaten the togetherness you so desire.

6. It places an unnecessary demand on you: it makes you want to outdo yourself and spend lavishly. Most of the time, people don’t plan for monies they spend on valentine’s day and so it affects them in the course of the month

7. Don’t you just feel it is good to boycott societal norm and have things done your way? It is pretty cool to be different, embrace what works for you and not what everybody believes to be good.

Trust me you don’t need just one day to validate your love to your spouse , just feel free, enjoy your relationship and make every day a special day of love.

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