10 Signs You’ve Been Friendzoned By A Girl (Guys Wise Up)

But sometimes you just can’t help it, funny enough, most people in the friend zone don’t have a clue whether they’re there or not.

1. When you decide to go out on a date, she invites her friends to join in

As the saying goes, two is a company, three is a crowd, if she’s really into you , she will do anything to spend quality time with just you. The moment she invites her friends on a time out, know that she’s just trying to put you in the zone.

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2. Her parents are okay when you are in her bedroom

When her parents are okay with just you and her in the bedroom, know that you are harmless and poses no threat. In fact, you are so in the zone, not even her parents are scared of you. Sorry bro!

3. She introduces you to her friends as “Just A Friend”

Isn’t it obvious by now?

4. She explicitly shows interest in other guys in front of you

If she’s sitting with you and keep pointing out how handsome other guys are, her plans of dating them etc. you know that you just do not matter, relationship-wise.

5. She make advances towards your friends

If you introduce her to your friends and she jokingly asks for their contact or wanting to hang with them more often etc.. Know that you’ll never be the man of her life.

6. She tries to hook you up

Whilst you’re all about her, she’s doing her best to hook you up with one of her friends, just give up brother!

7. When she openly tells you, you’re like a brother to her

Need we say more?

8. She doesn’t mind undressing in front of you

Every woman is sensitive when undressing in front of a man she’s attracted to but if she doesn’t see anything wrong with your presence and thinks nothing will happen to her if she undresses in front of you, don’t be excited, it is probably because she doesn’t see you as a threat.

9. She tells you how she wishes she could have someone like you

This is the official friendzone anthem

10. She showers you with praises but no affection

Don’t be carried away by her sweet words to you and observe how she shows affection to you because if she’s never shown any affection, then obviously she sees you as a friend and not a partner.

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