9 Easy Ways To Get A Smooth, Spotless Face

It almost seems impossible to get completely flawless skin for some of us.

We look at our lucky friends and celebrities with envy, wishing we could have a face free of imperfections. A flawless face is heavily linked to beauty, and the following is how you can achieve more blemish free face.

Here are 9 easy ways to get a clearer, smoother face:

1. Drink (a lot) of water.

Doing just this will have you see immediate results, and it’s super to do. Try taking 8 glasses of water a day.

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2. Eat healthier.

As you are drinking water, make sure to avoid foods with too much salt, oil, and sugar, if you can. It’ll help your face and also the rest of your body.

3. Buy vitamins to help you out.

Especially, vitamin B, C, and E which also helps hair growth, you’ll be killing two birds with one stone.

4. Buy a hair oil that won’t affect your face.

Pimples found on your forehead in particular can be a result of hair oil you are using, or dirty hair. Keep your hair off your face when you are sleeping as well by wearing a sleeping cap.

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5. Change your pillow case often.

At least once a week. Your pillow carries the dirt that sheds overnight from both your face and hair. Toiling in that dirt might be the reason you haven’t achieved a flawless face.

6. Get a good skin routine.

Most importantly, focus on a good moisturizer and face wash that works well on your skin, because you’ll use these products everyday. After that, buy a toner, face scrub and mask that you can use once or twice a week. Note; overdoing toners, scrubs or masks can make your skin worse. If you’re really dedicated add a good night cream to your skin routine as well.

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7. For those who suffer from marks and scaring.

Make sure the products you’re using actively try to remove your marks. However if you feel like that is not enough, you can bleach your dark marks (not your skin) to reduce their appearance.

8. Reduce the amount of makeup you use.

The more you focus on how to better your skin, and not cover it, the faster you’ll see visible progress. If you must use makeup, you can wear a lipstick and eyeliner and do your eyebrows, but avoid foundation as much as possible.

9. Get a sunscreen.

The sun is your skin’s worst enemy, so buy a sunscreen to make sure all the efforts made to improve your skin aren’t wasted.

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