9 Annoying Things To Never Say To Your Girlfriend

Instead of adopting the mindset that women are just really sensitive and easily offended, maybe you need to start changing how you think. Maybe the problem isn’t that women are easily offended; maybe it’s that you’re just really annoying and offensive yourself.

You shouldn’t be so naïve to think that you’re doing everything perfectly in your relationship. You are bound to be doing some things that are just downright pissing off your girl and you might not even know it.

Now this might not be such a big issue at first. You might not consider it to be such a big deal that you annoy her every now and then. But down the line, these things can add up, and you want to make sure that you don’t take her patience and tolerance for granted. If you know that you are annoying her, then you need to be the one who makes that adjustment. You want to keep her in your life, don’t you? Well, if you keep on doing the things that are listed on here, you are just bound to drive her away.

1. You always tell her that you’re stronger than her.

Sure, you’re a guy and you may be stronger than her in a physical sense. But that’s just biology and that’s not necessarily something you should be proud of. You just lucked out. And when it comes to inner strength, you shouldn’t question her. It’s the age of the alpha female; and you shouldn’t underestimate the girl that you’re with.

2. You tell her that she’s pretty good at doing something… for a girl.

Stop it with all the snarky anti feminist sentiments. She isn’t good at doing something for a girl. She’s good at doing something period. She hates that you automatically see yourself as better than her just because you happen to be a boy. She isn’t going to put up with comments like that for too long. So you better make sure to quit it now.

3. You deliberately make her wait so long before you text her back.

You shouldn’t be playing games with her. You know that you are wasting her time and making her feel anxious if you deliberately wait too long before you text her back. It’s childish and it’s foolish. If you’re free to respond to her text messages, do so promptly. She’s not really interested in playing any kind of game with you.

4. You ask her out but you always expect her to pay for the date.

She doesn’t expect you to be the one who always pays for dates; and so you shouldn’t expect her to be the one who shoulders the financial burdens of your dates either. Don’t be too dependent on her. You can’t be a freeloader. You should share the financial burdens if you’re serious about being a long-lasting couple in a romantic relationship.

5. You only care about pleasuring yourself during sex.

Don’t be so selfish in the bedroom. Don’t just be thinking about yourself and your own personal pleasures. Know that she is a woman with needs as well and you’re going to have to do your best to meet those needs.

6. You cancel on her at the last minute.

There is a special place in relationship hell for people who cancel on dates at the last minute. You shouldn’t be wasting her time like that. You should respect her enough to know that she’s making time to go out with you and that you’re wasting it. But most of all, you shouldn’t be crushing her hopes in such a manner. You don’t want to get her hopes up by making her look forward to date night with you only to crush it in the end by bailing on her.

7. You eye other girls when you’re with her.

When you’re in a omitted relationship with someone you supposedly love, then that person shouldn’t have to compete for your love and affection anymore. She shouldn’t have to feel like she has to fight other girls for you. So, it’s really in bad taste whenever you start to check out other girls even when you’re together. It’s going to make her more insecure about her place in your relationship.

8. You dismiss her feelings and opinions on things.

She is going to hate it if you just dismiss her thoughts and feelings; she’s going to hate it if you say that she’s just overreacting to something. You always need to listen to her and pay attention to the things that she wants to be telling you.

9. You refuse to make an effort to be nice to her friends.

You don’t necessarily have to like ALL of her friends. She doesn’t expect you to either. But at the very least, you have to respect the fact that they’re her friends; and you still have to do your best to be civil with them. Make an effort for them to like you.

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