Why You Should Stop Chasing Girls And Start Living Your Life

If you are chasing a girl, it just feels like to be put on a race track and told to run and run with no end in sight? How does it feels like when you are forced to jump off a cliff knowing that you have no wings to lift you? Sadly, we are chasing girls like the girl is a hell of a thing.

Just sit around for a minute and take a deep breath and calculate how much time you are wasting for your crush and how much effort you are putting for your crush. Why the hell are you wasting time on someone who will never be the part of your life.

She has friendzoned you, and now that’s enough. Move on. There are plenty of fish in the sea. Just imagine the amount of time, hope, and will that you put for your girl. Now just think that, if you saved all that time and put all that hope and will to work for yourself. Just imagine what you can accomplish!

You know why most girls friendzone guys? they do it for emotional support. Whenever they have problems they need help they need inspiration, they need advice they will call you. And then you put all of your work aside invest all of your time in motivating her and reassuring her that she is okay.

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And when she is okay, she goes to her boyfriend. The moment she needs outing she goes to her boyfriend. The moment she needs sex she goes to her boyfriend. Her boyfriend will always come first no matter what happens. But the moment when she is depressed had a fight with her boyfriend or need a help she thinks of you. You are just wasting all of your positive energy in motivating someone else to become successful.

Why and for what reason you are doing this shit?

She is using you for your emotional support; she doesn’t even think about you when she doesn’t need you. I know some guys who are taking some extreme pain for a girl in the hope that one day she will fall in love with them. When her boyfriend is busy, she will text you for time pass. And half of our nation guy’s are willing to become a time pass for a girl. They do this for pleasure that they are chatting with the girl and but what they get in the end. Nothing.

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Guys, is this our beautiful life? Is this what we are narrowed to these days? We are wasting our entire youth days just to win the heart of a Girl. Why are you wasting your life chasing girls? Just concentrate on your life and your self-development. Becuase in teen days we are infatuated, and it’s not true love so forget love in teen days you better concentrate on your future. And if you are still thinking about the girl who dumped you a year ago. Just remember girls can’t even decide their future how the hell she can decide yours.

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Most girls run for money trust me true love don’t exist its only money. Moreover, you were dumped by that girl who can’t even stop scooty without putting her leg on the floor. Is that the girl that decide your future? Surely not.

All the lovers out there you guys waste thousand of money on your girl taking her to dinner buying her gifts or even recharging her phone. When was the last time you took your mom to the dinner, bought her gift or even recharged phone? Silenced huh.

Stop chasing girls, and Bro’s don’t you ever beg for that girl after reading this no more bullshit. Just log into matrimony sites and just see salary expectation of the prettiest girl out there. They don’t even give a damn about your looks like teenage girls do. Girls are attracted to successful people, and that’s not a mystery.

So, become successful, put your time on self-development and make success your obsession and you will get the girl of your dreams.

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