What Does It Mean When A Guy Says “You’re Too Good For Me”?

Getting let down by someone you like is always a huge bummer. It’s about the time we call up our besties and they break out the ice cream and tissues… Let’s also not forget the rom-coms. But when that happens we are utterly distressed and confused.

Especially if they did it in a way we don’t understand. Like by telling us that “You are too good for me”. Obviously that is pretty vague and might not always satisfy us as an answer to why we cannot go out with said guy. But little do most people know that there are various reasonings as to why a guy would say something like that to us. Luckily for you, we know exactly what all of those reasonings are. So if you are ready to find out why a guy would say that you are too good for him, go ahead and keep reading!

The Reasons

You’re Out Of His League: Most of the time when a guy tells you that you are too good for him it’s because he feels like you are way too hot for each other. He might have pretty low self esteem in this case. He might actually think that you are way too good looking for him. And he is worried that because of that you two will never work out as a couple. Whether or not this is true, we don’t know, but most likely he is just letting his insecurity get in the way of letting anything happen between you. This tends to happen a lot with guys who are lacking experience with relationships.

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He’s Not Ready For A Relationship: For some men they get scared to take things to the next level. They might not have much experience in the relationship department. So when the time comes where things are starting to heat up, they throw water on the fire to cool it down. Their way of doing this is often by saying things like “You’re too good for a guy like me” or “It’s not you, it’s me”. They rely on this to be their gateway that leads them away from commitment. They are hoping that it is a positive enough statement to help spare your feelings. He’s trying to make you feel good, by telling you that you are better than him. But really he’s just trying to find a way out of this situation.

He’s Trying To Let You Down Gently: He might not have been able to think of anything better to tell you. He doesn’t have any interest in pursuing a relationship with you. Therefore he told you that he thinks that you are too good for him. We are sorry to say that sometimes when a guy says this that it translates into something more like “I’m just not that into you”. But he thinks saying that you are too good for him will shield you from being too hurt. He might just want to keep things completely platonic between you. That means he does not want to be anything more than friends with you. He may think that your friendship will become ruined if the two of you take your relationship any farther.

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He Has Someone Else: Unfortunately it is true that sometimes when guys say this it is because they are hiding something. Like they might be hiding the fact that they are seeing someone else or in a relationship with someone else. Even if it isn’t totally official. He doesn’t want to start anything with you, because his heart is somewhere else. He might not want to risk blowing up that for you. However, he does not want to tell you that he has somebody else, because he does not want to lose you as a friend. Or it could be that he is trying to keep his options open.Therefore not giving you actual reasoning.

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He Isn’t The Best Guy There Is: At times when a guy says that you are too good for him it might be because he is being completely sincere. He might actually think that you are way too good for him. He might be down on himself, because he has made some questionable decisions in the past. Or it could be because he knows that he will not be able to treat you the way that he thinks you deserve to be treated. It doesn’t necessarily means he thinks you are better looking. It could be applied to financial standing or person morale, too.

You Did Something Super Sweet: He might tell you that you are too good for him after you do something really nice for him. Say you brought him lunch or got him tickets to a show. He might say this as his way of saying thank you. He might be trying to boost your confidence while expressing his gratitude at the same time!

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