Portable’s Response to Wife’s Self-Proclaimed Queen Title

Nigerian singer, Portable, goes on a ranting spree in the comments of his first wife, Bewaji, for saying she is the queen of herself in birthday caption.

Bewaji who is celebrating her birthday took to her Instagram account to share beautiful images of herself alongside a nice caption to celebrate the day.

She wrote;

“Still my day ( THE QUEEN OF HERSELF) I am grateful 🥲 for the incredible journey of the life and the person I have become. On this special day. 🤭 ( I LOVE 🤍 EVERYTHING ABOUT ME). 😒✌️”

This caption did not seem to sit well with Portable who took to the comment section to express himself.

According to him, he was confused why she would refer to herself in such manner as he was the one who built her to what she is currently.

He called out her lack of appreciation and warned her to do better as the people in his family do not tolerate nonsense.

See the post below

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