Chiamaka Ugoo Offers to Cover DNA Expenses for Wunmi

After seeing recent photos of Wunmi, Chiamaka Ugoo offers to pay for DNA at two hospitals so she can stop getting bullied online.

The lady took to her story via her Instagram page, Chiamaka Ugoo, to reveal her intentions.

She observed that in the photos from Liam’s 1 year birthday celebration, Wunmi looked like she lost significant weight.

Chiamaka believes that this is as a result of the constant hounding from Netizens who have been insisting she does a DNA test to confirm Liam’s paternity.

She offered to pay for the test to be done at two different hospitals and also legal fees to sue the people who started harassing her for a DNA test to be done.

In her words;

“This picture of Mohbad’s wife broke my heart, you could tell she’s going through a lot, yet people bully this young widow on a daily over DNA. She owes no one a DNA and her son shares a striking resemblance with his father who never doubted his paternity. Please sweetheart, do it to put all the bullies to shame and prevent your son from being bullied in future too. I’ll pay for the DNA test in two reputable hospitals and also pay for legal fees to sue all those who started the madness.”

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