3 Mistakes Men Make That Force Women To Put Them In The Friend Zone

There are reasons why women friend-zone men. Some simple actions can make a woman friend zone you without your knowledge. You need to know how to deal with a woman to stop her from taking you as a friend when you wish to date her. The small acts can change the way she thinks about you for the rest of her life.

Here are three mistakes men make that force women to put them in the friend zone .

1. Being too nice

Sometimes it is not recommended to be too nice. A good number of women are likely to take you for granted because of this nature. It is advisable to be real whenever you are dealing with a woman you are interested in. Don’t agree to everything she says or does just because you want to impress her. Be real and give your genuine opinions when dealing with her.

2. Being too available

Do not be too available when trying to woo a woman. It is wise to be busy at time s. Most women tend to think men who are always available are desperate. A woman is likely to take you for granted if she notices you are always available, and this will make her assume that you don’t have serious things to do in your life.

3. Not making a move

Never take too long to make a move when you are interested in a woman. Failing to make a move will cause her to friend zone you because she will assume that you are not interested in her.

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