How To Keep Your Relationship Away From S€x As A Woman

Keeping a healthy relationship away from sex can be difficult due to environment and individuals interest. It becomes necessary for you to take cautions when you have a partner that is addicted to sex.

Relationship shouldn’t be based on sex alone as both partners are meant to help each other financially, Academically, spiritually, physically and emotionally.

Below are the tips that can help you keep your Relationship away from sex.


Distance relationship is an easy way to give your body a rest from sex in a relationship. In this case you and your lover will only meet once in a while and that bond will even be stronger compared to close relationship where you have sex on daily basis. If you want your relationship to be free of sex then switch to distance relationship. The chance of sex will reduce and your body will be at rest.

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Determination is an agreement to do something in future. If you are determined to keep your relationship away from sex then you will surely achieve it but determination is not by words rather let your actions speak louder than words. If you can determine, that is, agree not to engage in sexual intercourse in your relationship untill it gets to a particular stage i am sure your body will be at rest at least for a while. You have to make your partner understand about your determination and if the relationship requires sex you can also determine when and when not to give it out. For example once in a year, twice a year etc you can as well determine not to engage in sexual intercourse until marriage.


The status of your relationship determines if you can keep it away from sex. You can’t be dating a fuck boy and expect to keep the relationship away from sex. Also it is hard to be in a worldly relationship or dating relationship and sex will still not occur. You can switch to courtship/Religion relationship where sex in a relationship is forbidden. The type of person you date or courtship with also matters.

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If S/he can’t do without always requesting for sex then it’s worrisome and doing away with sex with that type of person can be a mission impossible. In this phase it is necessary to study a man well to know if he isn’t a sex freaky type as this will help you to know if the relationship can be more than sex.


Some men believe you have the right to give them sex in as much they are giving you money and taking care of Your responsibilities. To keep your relationship away from sex you have to Reduce/Stop demanding from him and doing this won’t give him confidence to pressure you to have sex. Either you demand or not it doesn’t stop a man from demanding for sex but the Advantage here is that the pressure won’t be much if you say no!


Try as much as possible to lay your hands on something that keeps you busy. For example empower yourself with a skill or utilize your time on something productive that will keep you busy and earn you income. Keeping yourself busy with your work will earn you respect in the relationship.

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This is another way to keep your relationship away from sex as the man would have understand you are at work unlike when you have nothing to do so he would always expect you to visit him and sex may occur so to reduce sex in the relationship keep yourself busy with something productive. He won’t ask you to always visit for a round because he already knows you are at work or busy.


Another means of keeping your relationship away from sex is your say, let your No be No. The reason why you said No is best known to you and this is related to my previous point on “DETERMINATION.” if you want to keep your relationship away from sex then learn how to say No. He wouldn’t force you.

In conclusion: Keeping a relationship from sex is not by words, it comes with discipline, commitment, determination and understanding. It is hard to keep relationship away from sex but practicing the above listed points can be helpful in achieving it.

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