Top 5 Way to Spice Up Romance in Your Marriage

Top 5 Way to Spice Up Romance in Your Marriage

I am writing this specifically for couples based in Lagos, Nigeria and for others who also reside in areas as busy as Lagos.

Couples who work or do business in urban areas with heavy traffic and so many other factors that keep them busy all week long must know that if deliberate action is not taken, they may soon become just housemates and not lovers.

To keep your marriage alive and lively, you must take actions that are deliberate and one of the best ways to do so is going on regular date night with your spouse.

Going on a date with your spouse regularly has a lot of advantages like:

1. It keeps you both off your busy schedules: when you go on a date with your spouse, the best way to enjoy it is to keep away all forms of distractions including your work and the most common one which is phone calls.

2. It helps you bond again: romance is an essential part of marital bliss and this does not mean having sex all the time, it can just be going on a date where you can just hold hands, look into each other’s eyes, smile, laugh, and bond.

3. A good point of relaxation: your body needs to relax and unwind and there is no better person to do this with than with your spouse. Going on regular dates will help reduce the stress that comes with various daily activities.

4. Discussion without distraction : you can enjoy a good time of discussion with your spouse when you go on a date together to a peaceful environment. This is advisable for couples who already have children that share in their time for each other.

5. Dates help you to appreciate your spouse : when couples go on a date, it is a very good avenue for couples to appreciate each other and celebrate their achievements.

Going on a date does not have to be expensive as many believe, it depends on what you want to achieve together with your spouse.

A date can be in a restaurant, it can also be walking hand in hand with your spouse, it can be going with your spouse to a quiet environment where you can have quality time together.

Couples must use this simple way to put back the fire of romance in their marriage.

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