8 Main Things That Determine Couples Expectations In Marriage…. Know them and renew your marriage

8 Main Deep Things That Determine Couples Expectations Marriage…. Know them and renew your marriage

You need to know the mould by which your expectations are formed before you can know how to develop positive, achievable and good expectation in your marriage.

The source of our expectation will determine to a large extent the type of expectation we will have in marriage.

1. Books and Magazine – If you read good books; they will mould your heart to have a good expectation. Wrong books and magazine will only give you distorted expectations.

2. Films and Television – This will also affect our expectation. Be careful about what you watch.

3. Association/Teachings – Our peers, friends, teachers and mentors will ultimately affect our expectations. Please keep good company and attend good marriage seminars.

4. Temperament- Your natural habit will also affect your expectation. An outgoing sanguine will be looking forward to a social partner who easily make friends and listen a lot. A choleric will expect his/her spouse to be his/her follower, while a melancholy will want a perfect home, set in a perfect way and order.

5. Parent – What we learn and inherit from our parents will be the core of our expectations.

6. Culture and Custom – Our tribe, tongue, culture and custom will also determine our expectation.

7.Our environment – The environment where we grew up and where we are presently living will also affect our desire and expectation.

8.Our relationship with God- Our personal encounter with God and the level of our yielding to the Holy Ghost and His leading will also affect our expectation.

People that are totally submissive to the Holy Ghost will be meek and gentle; will be full of love, joy and peace. Hence, they will develop good expectations and co-ordinate themselves well.

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