How To Identify Lesb1ans In Nigeria – Number 7 Shows It All

It took me a lot of cogitation before I could make this post. I also had to post this because I have seen a lot of comments from people encouraging the abominable act of lesb1anism on nairaland (especially guys) that I begin to wonder where this generation of youths are headed.

First and foremost, going by the bible and quran, lesb1anism is an abomination. I will give references from the bible because I am a Christian.The following verses of the bible:Leviticus 18:22, 20:13, Romans 1:24-28, I Corinthians 6:9-11, Jude1:7, I Timothy 1:10, I Kings 14:24, 15:12 all attest to the fact that homocexuality ,of which lesb1anism is a subset, is evil.

However, the queer ones on the forum will always have a counter argument of fornication being also a sin to back up their nefarious way of life but this is not the crux of why I opened this thread so I will not dwell on the religious angle any further-I have an expose on this which I’ll reserve for another day.

Secondly and the most important reason why I decided to open this thread is to warn guys (including the ones that have continually advocated for queer girls here on Naijapary) on the disastrous impact of marrying a lesb1an and how to identify if your girl is one whilst you’re courting.

Let me start by saying this. Most Nigerian girls living in Nigeria that claim to be bicexuals are, in fact, lesb1ans. They only claim bicexuality so as to be able to get a ring on the third finger of their left hand and answer a Mrs whilst they covertly continue their abominable acts.

They know that the African culture expects that they should get married at some point in their lives and their parents and relatives will keep putting pressure on them to do so.

Therefore, they just hook up with a guy, get married and make babies and then eventually make the guy’s life miserable by continually denying him of cex and gallivanting around the country with their lesb1an friends before filing for divorce most times on two grounds- cexual satisfaction and irreconcilable differences. I have seen this happen to three different guys and in the end, the guys ended up being disillusioned and poorer than when they met those girls. The sad part is that the ladies don’t even get to check on their children as they are seen more in the company of their female friends in public places.

Guys, beware! lesb1anism is demonic and no matter how long your manhood is or how good you are in bed, you can’t satisfy a lesb1an as the kind of orga33m they have while making out with their female counterpart is longer and more frequent and also doesn’t occur due to penetration. I had to say this because I have , over time, seen some useless comments from guys here saying that the girl has not seen a great manhood or a guy with great cexual prowess that’s why she is still a lesb1an. This is entirely false as lesb1ans are so addicted to their same cex partners and to the act that mere penetration from a man cannot give them orga33m.

Therefore, will all that have been said, guys here are signs that the girl you are dating is a lesb1an (These may not be correct sometimes but they are very key leads to attest to this fact).

  1. She admires only ladies on social media and you would occasionally see some comments from her on social media telling another girl “I love you” even when the girl is just an acquaintance who is not close to her.
  2. She wears an anklet on THE RIGHT LEG or a colourful ring on their RIGHT FOREFINGER. I had to make the right leg emboldened because this is their insignia. I’ve seen about ten lesb1an ladies wearing this and even spoke to one who also affirmed it.
  3. If she is the butch lesb1an(the male partner) she will most likely have a short hair, wear very light make up most times or even no make up and have short fingers(Because they use their fingers to pleasure their femme counterpart). Some of the butch ones also look like tomboys
  4. Whenever she is intimate with her guy, they enjoy cunnilingus and fingering far more than penetration as this is the only way she can achieve orga33m most times.
  5. On special occasions like her birthday or her boyfriend’s birthday, she will indulge him with wild cexual orgies like anal cex or party (with the involvement of their other lesb1an partner). Some of them even prefer anal to vaginal penetration.
  6. You will always find lesb1an porn on her phone or cached webpage history.
  7. If she’s the butch lesb1an, she will dislike things like cooking, going to the market and laundry.
  8. She’s always an advocate of female rights and will pick a quarrel with you whenever you antagonize a female.
  9. She prefers evening hang outs with a large company of girlfriend more than she enjoys it with you as her boyfriend.
  10. She starts denying you cex immediately after marriage. This usually starts subtly and unnoticed until your cex life with your wife eventually becomes once in a month.
  11. She has a vibrator and she doesn’t orga33m from cex with you until she uses the vibrator. I agree some women are like this but if after a long time, you can’t make your girlfriend orga33m except with the aid of a vibrator(or through cunnilingus or fingering) please suspect her.
  12. If she is the femme, she has a very close friend she stays with or hangs around with/cannot do without and who has the characteristics listed in Number 3 above.

You can add yours as I leave the list for now. Please guys, be wise in choosing a partner.

Do not destroy your life on the altars of beauty and physical appearance a most of these evil ladies are usually beautiful!

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