7 Valuable Truths Every Parent Must Tell Their Children About Valentine

February is here again! February 14th (Valentine’s day) for many people, is a special day in their calendar. The day becomes the talking point for many people, this is why parents must educate their children properly so they won’t be deceived.

Parents must know that children as old as two years are aware of this period even if their parents seem not to be aware of this.
Valentine is celebrated in most Primary and Secondary schools and these little children may be taught wrongly by teachers who are corrupt. This is why the responsibility lies with the parent to give their children the right information.

As Valentine’s day is just seven days away, here are first-hand truths your children must know no matter how old they are:

1. Valentine’s day is not the only day to show love

Every parent has a duty to educate their children about showing love and that this should not be on a single day alone but must be practiced every day of a person’s life. Love must be a person’s way of life not regarding what others do in return.

2. Valentine’s day is not the day to lose your virginity

I watched a movie where a young girl informed her parent that the next valentine she would be losing her virginity. The parents were surprised but the girl who is just 8yrs old was smiling and she told them that her elder sister lost hers the previous year.

This little girl had no idea what it meant to lose one’s virginity because the parents never told her about it.

Parents must learn from this and inform their children both male and female to stay away from pre-marital sex despite the fact that the society accepts it. Share experiences with your child so that they will not forget your warning.

3. Gifts received on Valentine’s day can be a trap

As the custom is on Valentine’s day, gifts will be exchanged all over even among children. Parents must inform their children that gifts do not show a person’s love as some give gifts just to get what they want from the other person.

Your children must know that the gift alone does not matter but the motive behind the gift and also who the giver is.

4. Valentine’s day is not lover’s day

I will not bore you with the history of Valentine’s day which shows us that it was not emotional attraction to a person that led to this yearly celebration but a life of sacrifice.

As a parent, you have to let your child know that the 14th of February is not a day for lovers to express their love to each other but a day that reminds us to show love to humanity and our neighbours.

5. Valentine’s day is not a day to get a boyfriend/girlfriend

So many teenagers and young children have been deceived that they must enjoy valentine’s day with a boy/girlfriend and this has led to a lot of harm like unwanted pregnancy, abortion, death and so on.

It is your duty as a parent to educate your children against doing such as this will keep them away from the dangers out there.

6. Valentine’s day is not a day to accept proposals

The atmosphere on valentine’s day makes a lot of people to make rash decisions they can regret all their lives. If you are a parent with older children who are matured and ready for marriage, tell them that they should delay saying yes or agreeing to a marriage proposal on valentine’s day as a result of the mood they are.

7. Valentine’s day is not a day to stay out late

Valentine’s day, as usual, is going to be busy everywhere with a lot of celebrations and drinking happening all around. Parents should inform their children to come back home early enough so as to avoid falling victim of any mishap.

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