For Women: 4 Beautiful Ways To Surprise Your Partner

For Women: 4 Beautiful Ways To Surprise Your Partner

There seems to be endless ways to surprise your partners and have his mind melting with more love for you.

Depending on the personality of the partners and how deep the relationship has gone, the list might be seemingly endless.


Whatever the case may be, the points listed below rarely ever fail to surprise men.

1. Unplanned dates

You can just pick up your phone to call him while still at work, telling him to meet you someplace at some particular time. When he sgows up, make sure you spoil him silly and when he ask what the occasion is, just tell him its nothing that you just wanted to surprise him. Now watch that happy smile lights up his face.

2. Love Notes

Leave notes in the most hidden places. The main purpose of this is just to surprise him. Even if he does not get the love notes immediately, he will still surely come across it.

3. Act Out His Fantasy

If he has told you his wildest fantasy and you have no qualms about it, why not do it. During one of your intimate moments, just out the fantasy. The surprise will make it more fun for both of you at least with the extra hill to surprise him with something that made him happy.

4. Leave Him A Treasure Hunt

Plant a trail of papers with instructions at several locations in the house. You could let the hunt lead him to a favourite meal, or it could lead him to the bedroom already waiting for him in some new sexy style *winks*

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