3 Things To Consider Before Jumping Into Marriage

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When you love, you are mostly looking at the butterflies in your stomach and your heart often time becomes a bed of roses. And many people even lose their sense of reasoning because of love. I hear them say something like “love will always conquer every challenge,” “oh, don’t worry, we love each other.” You fantasize a lot without holistically doting your I’s and crossing your T’s before jumping into a marriage.

It is important that you note these signs before jumping into a marriage. It will help you to have a blissful marriage.

1. Life goals

If you are contemplating marrying someone, you have to consider whether your life goals align with the person’s goals. For instance, if you are a person that loves to travel around the world, it is wise to get someone who loves to travel with you. If you get someone who believes in sitting back at home, in the long run, one the parties involved will lose interest in the marriage. You can avoid that long-term marital problem now by choosing someone with the same life goals as you.


2. Personal beliefs

Our belief system shapes our understanding of the world. And this belief system that we have inculcated into our lives go a long way in determining our actions and inactions. In essence, to have a sustainable life void of the challenges of marriage, we ought to choose spouses that have the same religious belief system with us. For most times, people see life through the prism of their religious make-up.

3. Level of happiness

Are you happy with the person you are engaged to? Perhaps it is time you tested your level of happiness with the person you are planning on getting married to. Know this, if you have doubts about your happiness now, it won’t get better with time or in marriage. It is best you leave that courtship now before it is too late. You know, divorce isn’t an option. Learn to own your happiness. Of course, it is not every time that you will be happy in a relationship but it is expedient that you gauge your level of happiness in your courtship.

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