13 Things Guys Say When They Don’t Want A Relationship But Want To Keep You Around

Have you ever been in a situation where a guy is just taking you round and round for nothing but their pleasure?

It starts with “I like you” then before you know it you’re in this thing that you can’t define. You end up being loyal to a man who doesn’t take you seriously but acts like he owns you. You probably want to be loved and have the need to be in a relationship but he won’t give you the pleasure. Instead, he will say these things to keep you around but nothing more.

1. It’s been a while since I did this relationship thing.

Then how about you start doing this relationship thing?

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2. I don’t do relationships but I really like you.

What does that even mean? Yet you want all the benefits of a relationship.

3. You know I need to focus on work.

Yet you always have time to focus on my br2asts? Wow.

4. I would want you to be my baby mama that’s a compliment.

How is this a compliment? A woman deserves a home, a husband and a father that is ever present.

5. I think we’re best as friends but s1x is always open.

Nope that’s not going to work out because eventually I will fall for you then you will feed me with some other lies.

6. I can’t offer you what you want but I want us to be friends.

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And yet you want me to cook, clean and be there for you when you call? You have jokes for days.

7. I would rather be open minded and see other people.

8. I need more time to be sure about you even after a whole year.

All this time and you need more time? I am not as patient as you think.

9. I am so emotionally unavailable but I don’t mind physical.

Keep being emotionally unavailable I am also unavailable for everything with you.

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10. If we date we will ruin our friendship.

Please don’t bore me with such details yet you know I like you.

11. You need to date other people to be sure of what you want.

Who told you I need more time? Yet I have been busy trying to get us to another level.

12. I am just not a commitment kind of guy.

Then what kind of guy are you? We hold hands, sleep together, talk everyday, have sex, I cook for you and yet you don’t want to commit?

13. Relationships are overrated.

You are overrated, you who wants to have all relationship privileges but when it comes to being with me it’s a problem.

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