10 Interesting Things To Talk About With A Girl

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When men are in love, they feel very anxious to talk to a girl they like. They are afraid of expressing their feelings to the girl of their choice even when they like her a lot and there is enough opportunity for a heartfelt talk or discussion. Many guys use their charm and start flirting outrageously just after they meet a girl. This trick works only when the girl is easy to impress, or the girls are just looking to flirt. If you want to leave a good or serious impression on the girl you like, then you have to try these topics.

Things To Talk About With A Girl

Things to talk about with a girl

Here are some of the interesting topics you can talk about with the girl you have met personally or on Facebook

1. Talk To A Girl You Like About Her Passion

It can be difficult for a man to come up with a topic he can talk about with the girl he loves. But discussing her passion can be quite an interesting start to taking your with her further. When a girl tells you what she likes the most, you can encourage her to talk more on that topic and help her to take her passion further. For example, if her passion is gardening, you can take your girl to a nursery she may like and help her in choosing plants of her choice.

2. Talk With The Girl You Like About Her Family Values

All the girls love to talk about their parents, siblings and friends. So if you talk to her about family values and culture, she may also talk about her family. It will also give you an idea whether the girl you like is really your type, traditional or modern and how much her family will influence your life together once you take the relationship further.

3. Talk About The Craziest Thing She Ever Did

Although it is quite funny, your girl will definitely open up warmly if you ask her about the craziest thing she has ever done or would like to do ever. If she is shy and does not want to talk about it, tell your girl that you will not like or dislike her based on her honest outpour. Once she begins to talk about the craziest things in her life, you can think of playing a game and each coming up with a crazy thing to do one after the other.

4. Ask The Girl What Is The Meaning Of Life For Her

If you have just started dating, you can talk about spirituality and philosophy with the girl you like. If you have met on Facebook then you can start chatting about these topics on social media too. When you talk about such topics with your girl you can easily understand whether you are both compatible or not. So it is also a way of understanding what her perspective about life is like and more.

5. Talk About Love With The Girl You Like

Everyone in love would like to talk about love and romance and you can always use this topic to make your with your girl more romantic and interesting. If you are trying hard to make a particular girl like you a lot then you should talk about love to give her an idea of what exactly you are expecting her.

6. Does She Like Adventures?

If your girl loves to travel or is crazy about adventures and trekking, then it is one of the topics you can always talk about together. There are very few people who do not like to travel. So, if you want to make your discussion on Facebook more interesting you can always talk about the places where you girl would like to go and so on.

7. Talking About Her Naughty Sexual Experiences

If your relationship is going smoothly you can talk with the girl you like about her sexual experiences inside the bedroom. The chances of her telling you the truth are higher if you already are having a close relationship. But it is always better to talk about such things with the girl you like prior to getting intimate.

8. Ask How Her Day Was

Asking a girl the common question ‘how are you?’ brings the conversation right into the present. But asking how her day was will throw the conversation back by several hours. Of course, this question only makes sense if hanging out with a girl late in the evening.

9. Talk About Her Likes

Discussing a girl’s likes is a basic way of getting to know her better. Her likes say a lot about her hobbies and personality. So, pay keen attention to her response. When she’s done highlighting her likes, discuss yours too and see if you’re a match for each other.

10. Talk About Her Dislikes

Likes and dislikes often go hand in hand. So, as soon as a girl is done discussing what ticks her fancy, now ask her to mention those things she considers outright turnoffs. However, avoid dwelling on a girl’s dislikes as that may affect the mood of the date. A subtle mention is enough.


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