Why It’s Never OK to beg Someone to love you (Here Reasons)

Sometimes we “hunger” to be loved, especially if we are feeling lonely. We may have been out of a relationship for a while, have suffered the loss of a loved one, or are just feeling plain empty. Getting in touch with the pain of not sharing your life with that special someone can lead to regrettable behavior.

No matter how “empty” you may be feeling, getting into the “wrong relationship” can make you feel even lonelier. Here are some reasons why you NEVER want to beg for affection.

No matter how you feel, you are enough

We all have lonely moments, but they ebb and flow. If you reach a low point, have compassion for yourself. Treat yourself as you would someone you love. The bottom line is that “You are enough, just the way you are.”

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There is a difference between neediness and love

Don’t get caught in the trap of feeling needy and think someone can fill that empty space – only you can. The most important thing for you is to practice self-love. Simple ways to do that is to affirm what you do “right”, not what you do wrong. Acknowledge when you’ve taken a risk or stepped out in a new way—whether you got what you wanted or didn’t. What’s important is that you did not follow the status quo.

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If they don’t appreciate you, someone better will

Why are you putting so much power in the other person loving you? Who are they really? If they don’t see how special you are, it’s their loss, not yours. You want someone who will love all of you—your strengths and your flaws.

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