What Does It Mean When A Girl Calls You Dude?

We often call others by other names than their own. We do this for a lot of different reasons. Sometimes we call people nicknames or pet names to feel closer to them. Sometimes we call them names to pick on them and push them away from us.

Usually it’s pretty clear why we are called the names, nicknames or pet names we are called by others. Other times the meanings are not so clear.

Like when a girl calls you dude.

Usually men call other men dudes, don’t they? So that is why it might confuse us when a woman uses the term.

So what does it mean when a girl calls you dude?

First let’s discuss what dude really means. Where did it come from? What does it stand for? Why did we start using the term?

People started using the slang as far back as the 1870s. At that time it was meant to be applied to someone who dressed in a fashionable manner. Before that those types of characters were called dandys, but eventually dude became slang for dandy. Over time the word dude went on to have many different meanings. It once meant a city slicker and eventually became a term used in cowboy and redneck cultures. However, the 1960s it became popular in the culture of people who spent a lot of time riding waves at the beach. That was the time that it started meaning guy or fellow. In the ‘70s it became so popular that it was starting to be seen in the media.

That’s when men and women both started using the term. Typically it was used with men.

Now we are left to ask: What does it mean when a girl says it?

There’s a few different reasons that she could be calling you dude.

You Are In The Friendzone

We know that this is probably the last thing you want to hear and mainly the reason that you were searching for the answer to this question. However, not all hope is lost if she has friendzoned you. So keep your hopes in check buddy!

Why would she call you dude if you are in the friendzone?

That’s simple. It’s 2017 and women tend to use the term dude just as often as their counterparts. Dude has become a word that means person. You can really call any person dude and it not be offensive. She might think of you as one of her friends, as well as a guy, and feel as if that is the right name for you.

She means it as in, ‘pal’ or ‘friend’.

It’s Out Of Habit

Whether you are her friend or not, she may just be calling you dude because that is her nickname for anyone and everyone. Sometimes we even call our family members and co-workers dude. There is no offense behind the way she says it. She is just so used to using it that she doesn’t even think twice about it anymore.

She Wants To Seem Casual

Every now and then a woman may call you dude because she does have feelings for you. Wondering how that works? It’s pretty simple, but if she’s saying it with this meaning then she may be a complicated woman.

Sometimes women will start making it appear as if you are her friend because she secretly likes you, but does not want to let you know that.

It’s a cover. She is trying to keep her feelings for you as hidden as she can by using a neutral, friend-like, term. She does not want to risk giving herself away. She may just be too shy to want to take the next step into figuring out whether you like her back or not.

She’s Frustrated With You

When she calls you dude in an exasperated manner, sounds angry or is upset in anyway, it’s less likely she’s saying it in a good fashion. This is especially true if you are in a relationship with one another. When you are fighting with her or if she is frustrated with you, she might say this in a lower, more sarcastic tone. This is her way of letting you know that you have stepped over the bounds of being a good partner and she is feeling more like you are a friend to her in this relationship.

She might say it just because she knows it makes you upset to use such a casual term with each other. The same goes if she were to call you buddy, pal or friend sarcastically or in a gutteral tone. She is not pleased with you if she is calling you dude while angry. That’s for sure!

All in all if a girl is calling you dude it isn’t usually something to be super worried about. More times than none, she is saying it in a positive way. However, there are those occasional times when she says it negatively! It’s all about reading the context of the situation you are in when she says it.

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