Life has been polluted and contaminated by deceits from the devil. Lies have now a mechanism through which people use to maneuver their ways. As a young man looking forward to a greater tomorrow, you are advised not to listen to the following lies of the devil:

1. FALSE: The best way a lady can show she loves you is to allow you to have sex with her.

TRUTH: If a lady truly loves you, she will keep herself holy and will not allow any man including you to mess her up.

2. FALSE: If you don’t have multiple sex partners, you are missing in action.

TRUTH: Those that are jumping from one lady to another are the ones missing out. They are missing the good pleasure of God and are only preparing themselves for STDs and an early grave.

3. FALSE: You need to test whether a woman is ‘good’ in bed before you marry her.

TRUTH: A good sex life doesn’t make a good marital life. If you go around testing girls, you may be on your way to the grave. Wait upon the Lord; let him choose for you and he will make everything beautiful in his time.

4. FALSE: Once you are sure you will marry each other; you can start having sex or even live together.

TRUTH: Getting a lady to consent to your marriage proposal does not make her your wife. Hence, that does not give you license to have sex before marriage. Please, you are still single. A lady that throws caution in the wind and begins to live with a man she’s not married to lacks home training.

5. FALSE: Sperm deposit causes stomach ache when boys don’t have sex.

TRUTH: This is not the truth, because God our creator is perfect. He has made a perfect arrangement on how to deal with deposited spermatozoa in a young man without any problem. Do not allow anybody to deceive you. Sperm does not cause stomach ache.

6. FALSE: The best way to test a lady’s love is through sex.

TRUTH: Love is not sex and sex is not love. In fact, any lady that allows you to sleep with her may be doing it for money, fear of losing you, pregnancy, and lust or just to prove a point.

7. FALSE: A good sex life is all that is needed for a good marriage.

TRUTH: There are 168 hours in a week and the average time spent in sexual intercourse among married couples is less than 3 hours per week. If you marry for sex, what will you use the remaining 165 hours to do? It takes more than a good sex life to have a good and happy married life.

8. FALSE: Sex builds love, to seal your love, have sex.

TRUTH: Sex does not build love. In marriage, love builds a good sex life. Hence, let love grow naturally in courtship; it will prepare you for a good sex life in marriage. Do not eat today what you ought to eat tomorrow.

9. FALSE: My friends are my best advisers

TRUTH: Your friends and your contemporaries are not the best advisers you can get. If you desire to move forward in life, make an older and Godly person or a pastor your adviser. If your father is born-again, he is the best adviser you can have.

10. FALSE: If you want to be bold and courageous, then take to drugs.

TRUTH: Drugs will only turn your life upside down; do not take it. (Proverb 31:4-6)

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