Types of Friends You Should Keep Away From Your Life

1. The Magician

The magician is the person who feels free to ask for your help, but once you need him, he’ll pull a invisible man and disappear. Very one-sided friendship. You’ll gain nothing by having this person in your life.

2. The Addicted

This person is a slave to his addictions, vices, and passions, and will do anything to first satisfy his needs. You come later, way later, maybe never. This man could also be easily persuaded to sell you out. Never trust The Addicted

3. The Martyr

This man always suffers, but it is never his own fault (according to him). Will always cry and whine how evil is the world to him. Very negative and useless person.

4. The Depressed/Crybaby

Close to the martyr, this person is always depressed and never does anything to improve, will suck your energy out. For him, you are just a source of attention and validation. The depressed never sees anybody beyond his own sorrow and depression.

The Crybaby – Another negative person, but this one keeps crying and whining about stuff that doesn’t even matter, let alone interesting to you. Always negative, always goes on a rant about something. A pure energy vampire. Stay away.

5. The Unlucky and The Fool

Some people are naturally unlucky and you should strive to avoid those people, bad luck is contagious. But it’s not like they crossed a black cat, they just have a very poor decision-making skills.

They attract troubles like flowers attract bees and might get you involved in troubles you’d never imagine. For them, you are their rescue rope. Will also sell you out to save their sorry asses. Stay away.

6. The Gossipmonger

Usually more common with women. This person knows everything about everyone, always has dirt about everybody. Talking shit about other people make this one happy, that’s what fills his life If you’re a savvy businessman, this one could prove useful.

For the average man? Stay away! They say “The one who talks with you about other people, is the one to talk about you with other people”. It’s true. Some people need their daily dose of filth, and some provide it. You don’t need it, keep your name clean, stay away.

7. The Common Sense Defiler

This man acts against any common sense. Sometimes you might think that he intentionally sabotages his life. Will usually ask for your logical advice but will do the exact opposite. Easily swayed by his emotions and recklessness Will betray you easily.

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