Stalking Allegations: Nickie Dabarbie Calls Out Skiibii for Disturbing Her Privacy

Embattled dancer, Nickie Dabarbie accuses the singer, Skiibii Mayana of stalking her as she pens a line of action to be taken should anything happen to her.

This came amidst the hefty allegations against the singer and his friends who allegedly tried to use the dancer for ritual purposes.

In a recent update on Nickie’s Instagram story, she accused Skiibii of stalking her, visiting her estate to enquire about her house.

Speaking on the trauma of the incident she escaped at Skiibii’s house, the dancer emphasized concerns about her safety while pointing to the singer as the number one suspect should she die unexpectedly.

Nickie Dabarbie further slammed those suggesting that she was simply drunk on the day of the incident and hallucinated the whole ritual claims.

She wrote in part;

“I’ve been invited by the police already so why are you busy showing people my picture, telling them I’m your girlfriend and asking where I live???? And guess what The police station is inside his estate What?!!

“I’m literally still traumatized by the whole thing and they aren’t even stopping at all!! And I’m crying out now!! If anything happens to me and you’re among the people saying I’m high or lying please do not type R.I.P when I’m gone!!!”

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