How Crying Online Led to a Good Job: A Nigerian Lady’s Journey

The life of a Nigerian lady takes a positive turn as she secures a good job after crying bitterly online over unemployment and the struggle to survive.

In her official TikTok account, @nneennaya_ had expressed deep sorrow about her struggles to find a job following her compulsory one-year youth service.

Tears streamed down her face as she shared the toll it was taking on her despite acknowledging how embarrassing it was.

Soon after the video went viral, she received a message, informing her about an opportunity from the Federal Ministry of Labour and Employment.

The text stated;

“Hi. How are you? You caught my Boss attention on the video you made lamenting how you are unable to get a job in Lagos after NYSC.

“My boss (Mrs. Maureen Ovie – Deputy Director, Federal ministry of labour and employment and Head, Job center Lagos) asked me to reach out to you. How are you faring now? “My name is Adebisi – officer, Federal ministry of labour and employment Lagos state office. Kindly respond!”

Initially hesitant, she eventually gathered the courage to respond to the invitation and went for its employability training, where she was offered a job.

Sharing her story, she implored her followers to take God seriously and pray towards whatever they deserve.

Watch the video below …

@nneennaya_ Replying to @Drixella❤️ & Tate🌈 a day in my life aesthetic vlog. #becomeaninfluencer #contentcreator #dayinmylife #dayinthelife #dayinmylifevlog #adayinmylife ♬ original sound – Nneennaya🎀

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