Signs you’re emotionally not strong enough for a relationship

Falling in love requires emotional strength. It requires a certain amount of emotional strength to have a healthy relationship.Commitment, transparency, confidence and understanding for it to work.

All these traits put together requires courage to make it work. Lack of these traits means you are not yet ready for a relationship or the end of the relationship. However, going into a relationship has nothing to do with age.

Here are signs that indicate you are ready for a relationship:

You can’t be alone

Emotional strength is having the strength of being alone. If you find it difficult to be alone how can you cope in a relationship. You have to enjoy your own company or else no one else will. Moreover, being alone does not mean feeling lonely because you might go into a relationship with someone that cherish their space a lot and if you can’t give them their space it means problem.

The only way you feel accepted is through a relationship

Going in a relationship to feel accepted or loved is wrong. It means for you to be happy, it is in the hands of another person. Additionally, they might end up making your life miserable and wounded. Losing your confidence and self esteem .

You are desperate

Desperation rid you of your reasoning. You do things out of proportion. This is a sign you are not ready for a healthy relationship. It you go back on your word and standards.
You can’t say ‘no’

Agreement is important in a relationship, you don’t want to go disagreeing all the time with your partner but there will come a time you will stand your ground to what is affecting you in your relationship. You always can’t go on compromising in your relationship.

You can’t communicate well

Even when things don’t go down well with you you still smile. Communication is very important in a relationship. Voice out quickly, don’t bottle up your feelings. This trait will only ruin your next relationship and yourself.

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