Few Signs That You Are Truly In Love With Your Boyfriend

The key is in finding that middle-ground; a level of romantic expression that you can actually sustain for a long period of time. You don’t have to be spending every single second of every single day thinking about how you can express your love to your partner.

Well, at least that’s what all the “psychological experts” are saying. For a lot of people, it’s totally different. Love is always grand and overwhelming. Love is supposed to be able to tire you out because of its sheer intensity. You should always be able to give all of your love to a single person if you want to. You should be able to think about your partner 24/7 if that’s how you want your love to manifest itself. And it’s through these extreme and grand expressions of love wherein people really find out just how genuine their feelings really are.

So it doesn’t really matter where you fall on that spectrum. It doesn’t matter if you’re the all or nothing type of lover or the one who likes to dole love out in moderation. Love is always going to be consistent in its kind. It can vary by degree, but never in its shape or form. The signs of love are there and they’re consistent all throughout. Here are a few signs that you really are in love with your partner.

1. You just want to be around your partner at all times.

You want to be spending as much time with your partner as possible. You don’t want to take any time that you spend together for granted. You know that all the moments you can share with one another are going to be memorable experiences just waiting to happen. You will grab at any opportunity to just bond with each other and strengthen your emotional connection with one another.

2. You don’t feel like you’re at home when you’re not together.

Home is where the heart is, as the say. And since your heart is with him, he has practically grown to become your home as well. You always manage to feel comfortable and at ease whenever you’re together. It’s as if you have found comfort and solace in his arms and you don’t ever want to be anywhere else. He always gives you that feeling of familiarity and security whenever you spend time with one another.

3. Whenever you feel vulnerable, he’s the one you automatically turn to.

You don’t trust anyone else with your well-being except for him. You know that you’re an independent woman and that you can practically take care of yourself. But whenever you are showing signs of weakness, you automatically turn to him to help you weather the storm. Whenever you’re sick, you want him to be the one who takes care of you. You never let yourself be vulnerable in front of anyone else except for him because you always trust him to look after you with utmost care.

4. He makes you feel like even your weaknesses are beautiful.

He sees your flaws and he loves you even more for them. That’s how he makes you feel. He empowers you and he will never belittle you for being a flawed human being. He will never make you feel bad for being an imperfect person. In fact, he will make you want to embrace your personal flaws. He has the power to make you feel better about who you are as a person.

5. You genuinely want to know everything about him.

You are genuinely curious and interested in his life. You make an effort to find out everything about your man because you are practically obsessed with the thought of him. To you, he is just amazing and you want to find out the things that make up his personality. You want to know more about his past, his interests, and his deepest passions. You want to know about his biggest dreams and goals in life.

6. You would do anything to make him happy.

His happiness is of utmost importance to you. You are always thinking of ways of making him feel comfortable and happy. You would run errands for him. You would buy him gifts even when he doesn’t ask you to. All you want to do is put a smile on his face and make sure that he’s happy when he’s with you.

7. You put his needs above your own even if it means having to let him go.

His well-being always comes before yours. You’ve developed a sense of selflessness with him that you don’t really have for other people. You would always choose to prioritize him over your own self. That’s why even if it means you’re going to let him go for his own good, you’re going to do it.

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