Break Up – 8 Signs She Is About To Dump You

Are you afraid that the special girl in your life is about to call it quits?

Here are a few warning signs you should look out for.

1. She Changes Or Hides Her Relationship Status On Facebook Without Telling You.

Women consider the Facebook relationship status to be a crucial part of their relationships because it tells the world that their partners are not available. If the Facebook status is hidden or even worse, if she has changed it to single this is not a subtle message – she is already considering other romantic options.

2. Her Gaze Will Wander When You Talk

If a girl cares for you and is interested in what you say, she will look at you while you are speaking. She will listen. If she keeps glancing around (without any cause) that would mean that she may be losing interest and wants to break up.

3. She Doesn’t Argue With You

It’s virtually impossible to find any human relationship with absolutely no conflict. If your girlfriend no longer argues with you, it simply means she has chosen not to bother herself with you anymore because she’s planning to leave you and she’s decided that you’re someone else’s problem, not hers.

4. She Puts Off Dates

She will not be eager to meet you. If she won’t spare the time for you unless absolutely necessary, that would definitely indicate that meeting you is no longer an activity of pleasure, and she would like to break up.

5. She Isn’t Open With You

If you hear important details about her such as a promotion or a job offer, or anything of similar importance from someone else, then it could be a clear indication that she doesn’t consider you important enough to tell you.

6. She Cries For No Reason

If your girlfriend is always crying for no apparent reason, it may be a sign that she’s unhappy with you and she’s already planning to leave. Most girls break up with a man about 10 times in their minds before they eventually do it in the physical. Her tears might be her way of grieving over your already dead relationship.

7. She Doesn’t Ask You About Yourself

If a woman likes a man, she would like to know everything about the person, or almost as much as she can gather. If she does not ask questions, that could indicate that she wants to break up.

8. Suddenly, She Starts Doing Things She Hated

The girl who swore up and down that she’d rather be punched in the face before going to another pretentious book club, candle party, or dinners with girls she can’t stand is now saying yes to all of the above. With gusto. It’s like she’ll do anything to avoid you.

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