Signs He’s Going to Dump You

Almost everyone has experienced a relationship that doesn’t exactly fit. Maybe the quirks you once liked are starting to irritate you, or maybe your values and your partner’s values are just too different.

When someone realizes that their significant other isn’t “the one,” they may start acting… off. There are usually signs your partner is going to dump you , but it’s not always easy to tell what they are.

Most people, however, are not so subtle, and astrology can help you notice when your lover is starting to break things off. Of course, your instincts are probably the best guide, but checking your SO’s astrological traits can be extra insurance.

Your significant other may be ready to leave if they start showing these traits, but don’t freak out just yet. If the relationship is important to you, don’t be afraid of communicating your concerns.

Here are a few signs that your partner is thinking about dumping you.

1. He has a sudden shift of character.

He is no longer acting like the sweet, caring, and romantic person that he once used to be. These days, he seems a little more distant and cold to you. It’s as if he’s angry with you and he’s just choosing to live alongside you rather than actually with you.

2. You’re the only one left putting in all the effort.

Relationships are all about give-and-take. It’s a two-way street after all. Both people in a relationship should be putting just as much into it as they are getting out of it. If it seems like you’re the only one who’s been doing the giving lately, then something is definitely wrong.

3. He doesn’t give any significance to your relationship milestones anymore.

Anniversaries aren’t important. Birthdays will be just like any other day. These little things that you used to hold deep in your heart as a couple are no longer important to him.

4. People start noticing that you are having your relationship woes.

One of the best ways to tell that something is legitimately wrong in your relationship is when other people tell you about it. Sometimes, a lot of us need some healthy perspective from the outside in order for us to really know the status of our lives. Often, our biases and emotions can blind us from the real truth.

5. You’ve fallen into the boring relationship category.

When you fall into a rut as a couple, you can suspect that this isn’t the most sustainable means of carrying out a love affair. Someone is bound to get dumped eventually and you can’t expect things to go any other way unless you actually shake things up.

6. He no longer invites you to go out.

If he wants to spend more time with his mates without having you there, then yes, there’s definitely something wrong. He should be wanting to spend as much time as possible with you. So when he starts going out with his friends and he doesn’t invite you, perhaps you need to review where you went wrong in the relationship.

7. You don’t feel like you could trust him anymore.

He’s acting shady and you’ve noticed it. There’s a shift in the air. Something is just different. He’s no longer giving you a reason to trust him. You feel like he’s going to betray you at some point and it’s just a matter of time before he does.

8. He fights you and blames you for his problems.

Whenever things go wrong in his life, he is going to start to blame you for it. If he is failing at school or struggling at work, he’s going to use you as an emotional punching bag. It’s not going to be fair. You know that there are deeper issues there that need addressing.

9. He would prefer to be alone than be with you.

He doesn’t like spending time with you anymore. It’s as simple as that. Whenever that happens, he starts questioning the point of staying in a relationship with you. The end is near and both of you know it.

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