Red Flag In Relationship (Meaning)

Love, they say, is blind. Unfortunately, it appears that the saying has flown away with the days of a different breed of lovebirds, our parents. With how misplaced the modern meaning of love is, it would be risky to love blindly. These days, love has become a recharge card business or, even worse, an establishment for transactions.

The #RedFlag thread on Twitter will open your eyes to how far down the drain many have flushed their feelings as a result of terrible experiences. You can avoid falling into the trap of vicious men and women if you know what a red flag is, and can identify your versions of it.

So, what’s a red flag?

Generally, a red flag is used as a sign or warning of danger ahead. It could be an actual flag used to signal or a figurative flag, meaning you should pay close attention to a seeming problem.
Note that everybody is entitled to their opinions and quirks, and a person having a different personality to yours isn’t a red flag. Nevertheless, if you find yourself in controversial situations or trying to find a middle ground, then that’s a no-no. Some might choose to proceed nonetheless. In that case, I advise you to “hope for the best and prepare for the worst.” Despite the hilarity of the thread, some tweets were facts that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Bants aside, let’s delve into some of the #RedFlags tweeted.

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I will approach this matter with a typical Nigerian scenario: How do you feel when you’re walking on the street, and a stranger walks up to you, stating their challenges, only to “bill” you? Irritated, right? You feel like you’re being scammed, don’t you?

It is close to how a guy feels when you’re practically still strangers, and you request for airtime or data.

My opinion: If you want a man in your life, buying airtime shouldn’t be a hassle. Even if you have bank issues, you had friends and family members before you met him. Kindly ask them for help.

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This case can apply to both genders. When a person continually gives excuses regarding why they can’t meet up with you, it is usually a sign of disinterest. People make time for who or what they want. We have all been in those shoes, where you badly want to get to know more about a new person; that is interest. It could also mean you’re not a priority. Still, it is advisable to leave such situations while you are ahead.


This trait is common, and many have no idea how toxic it is to the person on the receiving end. The silent treatment is a form of emotional abuse, whereby the abuser uses silence to punish the abusee. It is more damaging when you know very well that your partner isn’t emotionally stable enough to handle the trauma.

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Dates, gifts, calls, cooking, romantic texts, and more are essential in a relationship. However, it is a two-way street and isn’t restricted to one gender. Both parties must work to make the relationship prosper.Be careful out there, lovebirds!

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