NYSC Exemption Letter Procedure

After graduation from tertiary institution, the next is always to take part in the National Youths Service Corps (NYSC) programme.

However, there is a certain situation that could cause awarding Certificate of exemption instead of call for service.

In this post, we shall look at NYSC exemption letter requirements and how to get it.

There are three (3) Certificates that NYSC award to Nigerian graduates. They are;

  • Certificate of exemption
  • Discharge certificate
  • Letter of exclusion

What is NYSC Exemption Letter?

The NYSC exemption letter is a letter that is given to every graduate who by law does not satisfy the NYSC requirements.

What is NYSC Discharge Certificate?

This is the certificate that NYSC give to graduates who successfully completed their one year mandatory service.

What is NYSC letter of Exclusion?

Just as the name implies, exclusion letter is a letter given to graduates who their programmes are by law excluded from National service.

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Examples are; Graduate from part-time studies, Sandwiches studies, long distance studies and other form of irregular programme.

Over the years, I have noticed that some Nigerian graduates feel bad when NYSC exempt them from service.

Also there are some others who can do anything in order to take part in NYSC programme.

Exemption is a kind of freeing you from service so you can use your time while you still young.

The certificate of exemption which NYSC will give you, also serve the same purpose as Discharge Certificate.

However, some Nigerian graduates have always complained about not knowing how to get or process the NYSC exemption letter.

If you’re one of them and you are reading this article, congratulations! You have finally come to the right page.

Before, I show you step to take to process your NYSC exemption letter; it is important you note that exemption has its requirements. It is not what you just pick on the road.

NYSC exemption letter requirements

Any of the following qualifies you for NYSC exemption;

  1. You must be up to 30 years or above before graduation from tertiary institution.
  2. Must have served in any armed forces of Nigeria for a period of not less than Nine (9) months.
  3. You must be a member of the following staff. The Nigerian Security Organization, the State Security Service, the National Intelligence Agency or the Defence Intelligence Service.
  4. Must have been conferred with any National honor.
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If you fall into any of the above stated categories, therefore you are qualified for NYSC exemption.

Just before I show you how to process the NYSC exemption letter, let me briefly take you through the Eligibility.

NYSC exemption letter eligibility

To be eligible for NYSC exemption, you must be a graduate of tertiary institution with a Degree or HND.

Note: Foreign trained graduates are to submit their certificates and other documents to the mobilization department for evaluation.

How to get NYSC Exemption letter

(For Nigeria Trained Graduates)

The process begin from the institution of graduation.

  1. The Institution of graduation are to first submits the masters list of their graduates alongside with the senate approved results to the NYSC.
  2. Check/verify if your name on the Senate Approve list at the NYSC online portal to make sure your name is on the list.
  3. Wait until time for online registration for a new batch.
  4. Register online, like any other Prospective Corps Member. During online registration, NYSC will decide whether to exempt you or call you for service. So, you have control over it. If you are exempted, NYSC will automatically re-direct you to a page where to print your exemption slip.
  5. Take the printed exemption slip to your school at the Directorate of Students Affairs.
  6. Your school will make corrections where necessary, sign and returned it to NYSC as an agreed/corrected document.
  7. NYSC will produce your exemption letter and send it to your school for issuance.
  8. Go back to your Institution and collect your exemption letter.
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So, collection of exemption letter for home trained graduates is done in the institution of graduation.

How to get NYSC Exemption letter

(For foreign trained graduates)

The process begins with the evaluation of credentials and other documents

  1. After evaluation by the Federal Ministry of Education, Abuja Nigeria,
  2. Proceed to online registration with your batch.
  3. NYSC will exempt and redirect you to print exemption slip if you qualify for it.
  4. Print the exemption slip and take it the NYSC Directorate Head, Abuja Office alongside with other documents.
  5. At the NYSC Headquarters, your exemption letter will be produced.


  1. Go to the NYSC headquarters, Abuja for an evaluation of your credentials. After the evaluation of credentials, then register for NYSC.
  2. At the point of registration, NYSC will determine classification of whom to be called-up or exempted.
  3. Your certificate of exemption are therefore produced.
  4. Certificate of exemption for foreign graduates are to be collected at the NYSC directorate headquarters at the stipulated time communicated.

General Note

Collection of Certificate of Exemption is group under the three batches of the service year, depending on the date of the registration.

Also, collection of Certificate of exemption is strictly with identification, like international passport and the bearer must be physically present.

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