How To Look Beautiful And Attractive Naturally

A girl’s attractiveness isn’t just skin deep. Use these 15 tips on how to look beautiful and sexy and you’ll be able to transform yourself overnight!

If you ask someone how to look more attractive or beautiful, in all probability, the first thing you’d hear is to just be yourself, isn’t it?

But is that really working for you?

Being yourself is the easiest way to looking gorgeous.

But if it’s not working for you so far, well, then you just need to be a better you!

How to look beautiful and attractive

No offence intended here, but it’s the ugly truth in life that sometimes, being yourself just doesn’t work for most of us.

People all around you may tell you that you’re perfect as you are, but if you don’t feel that way from within, can you ever confidently project your true beauty to the outside world?

Change isn’t always a bad thing, and you need to remember that sometimes, change is inevitable whether we like it or not.

Now really, think about it, how many of us stay the same forever?

Don’t we all change all the time, for better or for worse, as we get influenced by the people around us, be it our friends, family, coworkers or the celebrities we love?

As we change subconsciously over the years, sometimes we get influenced by the wrong people or we decide to let go and take it easy, and we end up disliking the person we see in the mirror.
But you can change all of that, as long as you’re willing to correct the traits and habits that you think makes you appear less than appealing to the opposite sex.

15 tips to look beautiful and change yourself for the better

You may have come across several girls who you perceive as unattractive who still get a lot of attention and adoration from the opposite sex. So does that mean you aren’t able to judge beauty accurately or does it mean these girls have something about them that makes them appear more interesting and attractive to guys?

External beauty isn’t all about a pretty face or a great body. It has more to do with how you feel within, and how you project yourself to the world.

If you truly want to transform yourself from the person you are to a whole new you that’s glamorous, sexy and oh-so-hot, use these 15 easy tips to make yourself a lot more beautiful and attractive in no time!

#1 A healthy face.

It’s been said that a person’s face is the mirror of their soul. Are you happy and fun, or are you boring and depressed? Or are you unhealthy or less than interested in taking care of yourself?

Your face is almost always the first thing that people notice about you. So if you want to look beautiful, you need to learn to take care of it. Eat healthy, drink lots of water and work out, you’ll start to look a lot healthier and youthful within a matter of days. And if you have a few nagging issues like acne or stress lines, try to take care of it. It’ll definitely make a big difference to your appearance.

#2 Expressions.

A pretty face looks good. But your expressions, well, that’s what makes a face beautiful or boring. The way you smile, laugh wholeheartedly, wink or stare at someone while talking to them can make the difference between a plain jane and a beautiful and charming girl.

Even a girl who doesn’t believe she’s beautiful can transform herself into a gorgeous woman just by learning to play with her facial expressions and her gestures. As corny as it sounds, stand in front of the mirror and try a few expressions, be it a wink or a smile. After all, even our expressions are influenced by others around us. So why not try and express yourself better, and look prettier at the same time?

#3 A warm and friendly aura.

Your aura is something that envelopes you all the time, and you can’t fake it. Have you ever sat next to someone only to feel really uncomfortable and awkward all of a sudden for no reason at all? Or have you disliked someone the very first time you spoke to them?

On the other hand, did you feel really comfortable around someone as soon as you said hello for the first time? When you meet someone, whether you realize it or not, your aura intermingles with their aura that’s around them, and if one of you feel negative, it rubs on to the other person. Fill your mind and thoughts with warm positivity and a friendly attitude. When you feel positive, your positivity will draw others to you all the time.

#4 Clothing and attire.

Dress appropriately without appearing like you’re trying too hard. If you’re lost and don’t know where to start, take a look at a celebrity who looks similar to you or has the same body structure. The way you dress plays a big part in the way you’re perceived by others.

#5 Your poise.

Walk, talk and behave like a lady. If you stand tall, walk gracefully and look elegant wherever you are, you’ll definitely be noticed and liked by the opposite sex. Remember, guys find girls fascinating because girls are so different from them. Show off your femininity with grace, and you’ll sweep every guy off the floor with your beauty and poise.

#6 Fragrances.

Feminine fragrances can make a guy’s neck involuntarily spin and crack in a second even as you just walk past him. As humans, smell plays a big part in the game of attraction, and if you smell wonderful and leave a waft of the perfect womanly silage behind you, it’s something no guy can forget, be it on a date or when you try to impress a guy as you walk past him!

#7 Hairstyle.

A perfect haircut can accentuate your facial features and turn you into a glamorous doll in a few hours. Experiment with your hair, talk to your stylist or take a look at a few celebrity hairstyles for inspiration. You may assume it doesn’t play a big part, but you’ll be surprised at the difference it can make. A perfect cut can do wonders and make you look a lot more beautiful, especially after you learn to carelessly flick your hair when the guy you’re trying to impress is around!

#8 Lose those excess pounds.

Your body looks best the way it’s been created, and all those excess calories you eat only hides the real you under several layers of fat. Being too skinny is definitely unattractive, but maintaining the perfect amount of body fat would make you look more beautiful, help you show off your curves in all the right places, and make you look several years younger too.

#9 Pastels and bright colors.

If you want to attract a guy, dress in pastels or bright colors. It’s that simple, really! Pastels bring out the femininity in you better than any other color and make you look more elegant and feminine instantly. And for a manly guy, there’s nothing more attractive than a girl who shows off her femininity.

#10 Glam up.

It’s not silly to spend a while everyday to take care of your appearance before you step out. If it helps you feel more beautiful, use cosmetics and work with different brushes and colors. You’ll feel more glamorous, more confident and happier with yourself.

#11 Don’t feel imperfect.

So what makes you feel insecure or imperfect? All of us have our own little niggles that make us feel less than desirable. Have those issues fixed or get rid of it. After all, if anything makes you feel less than beautiful *even if it’s an annoying sibling or a less than complimentary boyfriend*, you need to get rid of it. After all, beauty is a state of mind. And if you don’t feel beautiful, how can you ever project your beauty with confidence to the rest of the world?

#12 Be happy.

Watch happy movies, listen to happy songs, hang out with happy people, be happy with your life. There’s nothing wrong with wanting more in life or being ambitious, as long as you’re still happy today. No one says you need to be depressed or frustrated till the day you make it big or achieve your dream of being a multimillionaire. You’re alive today, and if you’re unhappy today, it only means you’re leading an unhappy life. Be happy and cheerful, and your infectious happiness will make you shine with beautiful radiance.

#13 Get your beauty sleep.

Eight hours of sleep is a luxury that few can afford these days, but you need to try to make time for good sleep. Lack of sleep and stress makes you grumpy, sluggish and unattractive. On the other hand, you’d look a lot better and feel more energetic and enthusiastic about life when you’re well rested.

#14 Inner beauty.

Contrary to popular belief, inner beauty isn’t something ugly people talk about to convince themselves that they’re beautiful. Inner beauty exists, and it’s the only thing that makes a person beautiful or unattractive. An attractive face could catch a person’s attention for a second, but beyond that first second, it’s a person’s inner beauty that makes all the difference.

#15 Show off what you’re proud of

Julia Roberts may have a big mouth, but instead of hiding it, she flaunts it and shows it off to the world with a big smile. And she’s been able to turn something that’s less than perfect into a beautiful trademark that’s awed by everyone.

You see, beauty is a state of mind. Show yourself off, and don’t hide something that you perceive as unattractive even if it’s a scar right across your face. People don’t care about your imperfections, it’s the way you project yourself that makes you beautiful.

It’s easy to feel gorgeous and look glamorous as long as you believe you’re all that and more. Just use these 15 tips on how to look beautiful and oh-so-hot and you’ll realize that attractiveness isn’t something only few have and others desire. It’s within us all, just as long as we make the effort to project it to the world!

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