Ladies Only : 7 Tips To Make You More Attractive To Men

A lot of ladies do often wonder what makes men attracted to certain types of women. Gratefully, science has offered us some explanations, plus seven beauty hacks. When it comes to what they find attractive, guys seem to adhere to their own set of mysterious standards.

For most ladies, the focus usually is on the beauty look they want, not necessarily what the guys prefer. Then they wonder why they don’t get hooked.

But ladies, however, do admit that there’s a teeny-weeny part of them that is curious to discover what exactly the magic formula is that makes men attracted to them. A little research was done, which revealed seven very interesting qualities that make men “more attracted” to a lady. Don’t be casual as they are actually scientifically proven. Here they are:

Shiny White Teeth

According to research, men are more likely to consider you attractive and probably daydream about you if you have shiny white teeth. Researchers found yellower and more uneven teeth are perceived as less attractive.

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The study also found that brilliantly white smiles were judged as no more attractive than naturally white smiles. Truth is, your teeth are usually the first thing others notice about you and people with whiter teeth are often perceived as being healthier overall.

Red Lipstick

A study from the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology finds a direct correlation between the colour red and males’ attraction to females.

Interestingly, according to the study, “Men seem unaware of this red effect.” This probably explains why men are easily attracted to ladies in red. Yes, red lipstick makes usually the face, not just the lips, very attractive.

Large Hips

This one is quite a no-brainer. Researchers from New Zealand have found that men prefer a larger waist-to-hip ratio of 7:10 over a smaller ratio of 9:10. This means, the smaller your waist and bigger your hip, the more men will find you attractive.

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While it is generally believed that men who are attracted to women with large waist do so perhaps, for a reward of pleasurable sex, it’s been found that women who are heavily endowed on the hip easily attract a great deal of attention or interest.


Hey ladies, most times it’s not always about your beauty, you need to have something upstairs too. Nothing melts the heart than sitting close to an intelligent woman who has a deep knowledge of a variety of topics.

Having a high intelligence quotient (IQ), without doubt, undeniably helps a woman to confront and do well in most dreaded tasks. So most men love intelligent women and are said to be attracted to them because most men hate when their partners stress their mental muscles.


For most men, a woman with low-esteem is really a big burden to shoulder. Most men are attracted to confident women who can really succeed at something with self-assurance and conviction. In a time where everyone wants to be heard or seen, it takes women with energy and determination to make it to the top. And when men succeed in coming close to such women, they hardly let go.

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Beauty Hacks For Ladies

Darker Hair Colour

The coloured hair trend is back in vogue again. Before you go with the flow, don’t forget research says men are more attracted to women with darker hair colour than others.

Higher Pitch Voice

Have a high-pitched voice? No problem. Research has found that men preferred female voices that are higher in pitch.

Your Cologne

Everyone loves a good scent. Research has also shown that men are more attracted to women who wear nice scented perfumes. A good scent doesn’t only leave you feeling high, it also works wonders for your personality. Most men find it difficult to resist this.

Less Makeup

For ladies who think makeup is the ultimate, sorry to burst your bubble. In as much as makeup helps highlight a woman’s feature, most ladies tend to abuse it. Most ladies think that not wearing makes them less attractive but research has shown that men are more attracted to ladies with less make-up. Being comfortable in one’s skin (without heavily wearing makeup) is one thing most men cherish about women.

Though not exhaustive, these list of beauty hacks are actually research-based and backed by science.

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