LADIES: Here 5 Things you need to consider before you date a broke guy

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Some people believe that love is magical and while many would prefer to be swept off their feet by rich guys, not every guy is rich. While there are advantages of dating a poor guy, there are also disadvantages.

This article would help you with some of the things you would need to consider before you date a broke guy.

His character

It is said that a guy’s character can be defined by the patience he has when he owns nothing and his attitude when he has everything. Studies have shown that poor guys are emotionally available.

If he is available now, would he still be available when he makes it? You need to consider it.

Will he be true to you when he gets money?

This is really a food for thought. Now that there is no money, he claims to love you every morning and night. He is not promiscuous and apart from his female relatives, you are the only lady in his life. How about when he gets money?


Would he ever make it?

Many broke guys struggle to make it in life. Now that you are considering being with him, he is promising you heaven and earth when he makes it. Do you think he really would, considering the way the country is?

Will you be comfortable

It is good to be in love. But finance is needed to run romance. You need to know that love can’t buy you all the expensive things you desire.

You really need to consider if you would be comfortable.

would you enjoy it?

Would you be able to enjoy the relationship, knowing that sometimes, you may need to pay his bills?

Love is not blind. Gone are the days when we think when both parties are in love, all would be well. Building a relationship is not easy. It is not right to just go into it without critically accessing the issues on ground.

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