10 Types Of Guys You Must Avoid If You Want A Serious Relationship

Fed up of choosing the wrong guy? In this article, NAIJAPARY names and shames the 10 types of guys all girls must avoid, if they want a happy relationship.

We all want more happiness in all aspects of our life. We want happiness at work, happiness at home and we especially want happiness in a relationship. This latter one is tough, because we’re not all able to separate the good guys from the downright wrong ones. And so we enter into a relationship with a man who begins to make us feel kinda miserable. Dating can be hard at times. Just when we think we’re clicking with a guy, he begins to show his true colours. Hmm, why couldn’t he have shown them earlier? He probably did, but you probably weren’t able to read or see the signs. To help you out, let’s take a look at the 10 types of guys to avoid, if you want a happy relationship.

The Clingy Type

Who likes a clingy man? Few, if any of us. The clingy type should be easy to spot straight away, but most girls make the mistake of giving him a few extra chances to relax and become less clingy. Unfortunately, Mr Clingy usually doesn’t take those chances. He continues to berate you via text, wondering where you are and why you haven’t texted back yet. He frowns when you tell him you’re hanging out with the girls tonight and therefore can’t see him. What does this mean? It means he’s got insecurity issues and doesn’t trust you. He’s worried you might have lost interest in him, might be talking to some other guys and so on. And this kind of thing won’t make for a healthy relationship because, guess what? No matter what you tell him, he won’t be reassured. He might be reassured for a few moments but it won’t last.

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The Low Key Man

What’s a low key man? It’s a guy who shows you how much he loves you when it’s just the two of you, but who goes pretty quiet, when you’re with other people. In other words, he doesn’t seem too proud to call you his. Skip this one.

Mr Negative

This is another one of common types of guys to avoid. Negative people are harmful because they infect us. If you get into a relationship with an eternal pessimist who sees only the bad in the world and in people, you could try to change him, but it’s a much better idea to cut your losses and find someone who actually smiles.

The Player Type

Perhaps opposite to the clinger is the player. Just like you don’t want to date a clinger who can’t get you out of his mind, you also don’t want to date a player who’s got you and other girls in his mind. The player is the cool, good-looking guy who can be really sweet, funny and charming. There’s nothing inherently wrong with him in the sense that he’s just looking for a good time. Hey, that’s his intention. The problems start to arise, however, when you date him and believe you can change him. You can’t. Usually the rule is that once a player is a player, that’s all there is to it. He’s not going to change for you or anyone else. He might make you feel special and sweet but he makes all his girls feel the same way.

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The Excuse Maker

Oh, he wanted to see you but something came up?
No. Just no.

The Flake

One minute he loves you and then the next he disappears for days at a time. Is this really fun? Is this what some girls like? No girl happens to like this sort of behaviour from a guy, but some of us stick around it for too long. If he’s flaky and can’t make up his mind about you, make his mind up for him and walk out.

The Commitment-Phobe

The commitment-phobe is usually a great guy. He treats you well, makes you feel loved and you genuinely feel as though you could have a long-lasting relationship with him. The problem is that you’re not sure he feels the same. He’s cool until you start talking about the future, at which point he backs off or changes the subject. You know there’s no one else in his life at the moment but, for one reason or another, he can’t bring himself to commit to you. There are certain guys that are really stubborn when it comes to commitment. They might even do all the chasing at first and they might seem really into us, but eventually they’ll get scared. And then they’ll back off.

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The Angry Man

If you’ve already witnessed his anger, don’t stick around to witness even more. Move on fast.

The Cheat

Surely it goes without saying that we shouldn’t date a love cheat? Well, if it did then we would’t be here saying it! For one reason or another, some girls like to give cheats a second chance. We know they’ve cheated on their lover in the past but they seem SO nice.
So nice, in fact, that they surely wouldn’t cheat on us, too?

At NAIJAPARY, we’re big fans of giving people a second chance, but where cheaters are concerned, well, the old adage that a leopard never changes its spots springs to mind.

The Lazy Man

If your man is lazy, unmotivated and has no ambitions, guess what? That’s probably not going to change anytime soon, especially if he’s already entered his 30’s. Sure, it’s unfair of us to expect men to have it all figured out but we want some kind of plan from them, as well as some passion, desire and motivation. If a guy has zero dreams and goals, he’s only going to bring you down with him with his pessimistic outlook. Avoid.

Do you have other tips on types of guys to avoid?

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