How To Save Cooking Gas At Home, Restaurant

With everything made easy by science and technology, you can hardly find a Nigerian kitchen without a gas cooker in an urban or suburb area. Cooking with gas has not just reduced the stress attached to cooking and washing blackened utensil or dealing with flame it also has helped in saving the time spent on cooking but, all this advantages do not come for free, and because cooking gas is expensive users tend to be in shock when it exhaust before they plan to refill.

How To Save Cooking Gas

However, there are ways to fully utilize your cooking gas, this How to article will give tips that will let you know how to make your cooking gas last and serve you longer

1. Reduce the number of times you cook time consuming food.

Food such as beans and maize take a lot of time and consumes much gas when they are frequently cooked. You could reduce the number of times you cook them or make use of charcoal or electricity whichever that won’t cost much. Or you could alternatively soak it if possible before cooking.

2. Cover what you cook.

Most people do not take note of this fact, not covering what you cook will slow down the process and also result in to wasting of gas. So, always make sure you cover whatever you place on the gas flame especially while boiling and frying, it does not only save gas and time it is also safe. Though there are exceptions and it is understandable when you do not need to cover what you are cooking.

3. Try not to be engrossed in your phone while cooking.

Been too involved with your phone while cooking contributes to the quick exhaustion of cooking gas. You tend to loose concentration from cooking when you are engrossed in your phone. For example, if you place a cup of water on the cooker (intending to boil it for 5minutes ) and go on to press your phone you will realise that the water ends up boiling for about 7 to 10 minutes which means you lost an amount of gas for about 3 to 5 minutes which does not help in saving gas.

4. Cook on low heat.

Cooking on low heat is also another way to save cooking gas, apart from saving gas it gives your food more time to cook well. It is okay to cook on high heat when you’re in a hurry or when it is really necessary but except from these, it is advisable to cook on low heat. If the flames licks the side of the pan or pot then it means the cooker is turned up too high.

5. Always clean your cooker and check for repairs.

Clean your cooker before or after cooking while it is cool so that dirt won’t make it burn red flame instead of the normal blue flame. Also, do not place wet utensils on flame but rather wipe them dry before use. Do check for leaks too, if you notice that your gas leaks call a repair person and do not try to manage or fix it yourself. If your cooker is faulty, your gas will leak even when you are not cooking which apart from wastage is dangerous.

6. Use good pots or pans.

Always use good pots and pans to do whatsoever cooking a pressure pot is advisable since it saves time. Take note of the condition they are in so they would not waste gas and also make sure the pot or pan is completely covering the flames or else, the heat would escape into the air and hence waste gas.


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